Welcome to DECIDE!

General Information

DECIDE is an experimental laboratory for business decision making based at University of Auckland Business School.

The decision making lab, DECIDE is located on Level 0 of the Owen G Glenn Building, contains 32 computers on a local area network, removable privacy partitions, a glass-partitioned control room, projection equipment and 30 hand-held Samsung Galaxy tablets. The tablets allow users to carry out field experiments outside the lab to, in effect, “bring the lab to the classroom”.

The team behind DECIDE is grateful to Professor Greg Whittred, Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, for his support and commitment as well as Himendra Ratnayake and Cassandra Dickerson from Techsite Services for their work in getting the lab completed within a short period.

The team also acknowledges support from the Vice Chancellor’s Strategic Development Fund which provided seed funding that eventually led to the creation of the lab and other ancillary facilities.

Do An Experiment

We welcome inquiries from researchers and students who want to participate in experiments.

If you are a student considering a possibility to participate in the experiments we encourage you to do so. You are very welcome to register through the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments (ORSEE) (click "Registration" on the left) to receive notifications about scheduled studies.

If you are an academic, industry researcher or a student willing to conduct an experiment, please contact the lab administration.


DECIDE provides researchers with the experimental tools and environment for research in business behaviour, decision making, economics and other social sciences. It serves as a centre for cutting-edge research as well as dissemination of that research to policy makers and practitioners, which encourages research collaboration and interaction not only within the Business School, but also across the University and community. 

DECIDE also encourages students to actively participate in various experiments, courses, tutorials and seminars and to learn to use the experimental software and methods in a world-class facility.