Learn about holiday traditions from around the world

This webquest will have you explore websites where you will learn about traditions around the world for December holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza.
Answer the following questions on the paper provided using the websites listed below the questions.  Click on the links next to WEB RESOURCES to open the website. Read the web articles to answer the questions.
1. What kind of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India? 
Web resource: Christmas in India
2. On what day do Mexican children usually get their main gifts?
Web resource: Christmas in Mexico
3. How many candles are there on a Hanukkah Menorah? 
4. What holiday is celebrated in Ireland the day after Christmas?
Web resource: Christmas in Ireland
5. In China, what is Santa Claus known as? 
Web resources: Christmas in China 
6. When was the Kwanzaa festival created and by whom?
Web resource: Kwanzaa
7. In Canada what do Mummers do when they go to a house? 
Web resource: Christmas in Canada
8. In Sweden, how do they celebrate St. Lucia’s day? 
Web resource: Christmas in Sweden
9. In Australia, what is the weather like at Christmas time?
10. In Italy, what kind of Christmas cake do they eat after Midnight Mass?
Web resource: Christmas in Italy
11. As part of the Hanukkah celebration kids play a game called Dreidel, in this game, if you land on GIMMEL what does this mean? 
Web resource: What is a Dreidel?
12. In Russia, what day do they celebrate Christmas on and why?
Web resource: Christmas in Russia
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