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Kill Pixie


Kill Pixie (Mark Whalen) began as a graffiti artist on the streets of Sydney, Australia. His medium of choice nowadays is mostly ink and acrylic on paper mounted to wood, and coated in resin.

Inextricably embedded in their geometric, candy-colored environments, Kill Pixie’s characters are like puppets compelled to enact roles prescribed by powers beyond their control. The machinery and structures are all made up of much smaller objects, giving the impression of a kaleidoscope opening up into ever more intricate worlds. 

Katy Horan

Ernesto Yerena

Ernesto Yerena Montejano was born in the small border town of El Centro, California just 15 minutes north of the large metropolitan Mexican City and capital of Baja California Norte of Mexicali. As a child, Ernesto went to school and slept in the U.S. but between school and bedtime most of his time was spent hanging out with his family south of the border in Mexicali. The constant crossing of the border gave Ernesto a unique perspective and in his eyes the best of both worlds; the free education of the first world and the cultural richness and authenticity of the third world. Ernesto began college at the age of 17, has since graduated and received his BA in Graphic Design and has been working as artist assistant for Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant). Ernesto focusses mainly on cultural subjects and issues within the Chicano community.

Mark Warren Jacques

Mark Warren Jacques lives within a web of art makers, musicians, skateboarders, and backyard revolutionaries. This close-knit community thrives on representing a sort of whimsy that harnesses the energy of idealism and is rooted in earthy spirituality. Lest you conclude that he lives in a world of naivete, Jacques will surprise you with his gusto to love, question, and commit himself to the realities of hard work, ambition, and responsibility to his community.


Antistrot is a Dutch art collective based in Rotterdam. Established in 1997 at the Willem de KooningAcademy, Antistrot’s members express themselves artistically by means of painting, drawing, photography and various other disciplines. Best known for their eclectic paintings on both canvas and walls, Antistrot has proven itself a force to be reckoned with. Having exhibited in New York City, Miami, Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Dublin (to name a few), Antistrot’s body of work is both impressive and all over the place.

Mike Shine

Mike Shine is a painter who strives to create experiences that go well beyond the two dimensional canvas. His work can be described as a colorful, sometimes disturbing mixture of driftwood, house paint, Nordic mythology, insomnia, 1970’s pop culture, absinthe, Teutonic philosophy, his wife Marianne, and woodworking skills left over from a previous life. Shine’s art draws from themes of classic mythology, philosophy and psychology, and how they relate to modern day mankind. 

Lance Strongheart

Lance Strongheart - sculptor, painter and performance artist is a personification of the zeitgeist of life. Motivated by fashion, architecture, and media, Strongheart constructed Color Swirl Coat I & II as part of his 2003 couture fashion show performance in San Francisco. Strongly echoing the Morrs Loius’ Color Field paintings, Lance’s coats playfully cross over the realm of high art, fashion and kitsch. 

The idiosyncratic and flamboyant persona of Lance Strongheart evolved to the extent that he performed asfashion. The body of the artist literally wrapped around a spectator’s neck, waist and legs, playing the role of scarf, trousers and boots. The very notion of the artist and his role in contemporary society are like fashion: constantly changing and being manipulated by market system.
Greg Gossel

Greg Gossel was born in 1982 in western Wisconsin. With a background in design, his work is an expressive interplay of many diverse words, images, and gestures. Gossel's multi-layered work illustrates a visual history of change and process throughout each piece. His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and London. He currently resides in Minneapolis MN. 

Rich Jacobs

Rich Jacobs finds inspiriation in the things that surround him,everyday sounds,music , noises, and the evidence of humans living their lives. He works both in the abstract and figurative realms. Sometimes he uses similar language to convey both styles individually . Rich is mostly known for making  large scale Murals, and very dense Installations of many  works (which he tries to bounce different energies of the separate works- off one another.) Jacobs likes to express his own interests in his subject matter, and compositions.(they can be diverse and seemingly unconnected-but all are tied together by his investigations into them,as subjects.)They are things that inspire,intrigue,influence, and even confuse him. Jacobs feels very lucky to have the oppertunity to show his work ,and to have the chance to share it with you here. He feels humbled by the prospect. 

Timothy Karpinski

Born in Edison, New Jersey, March 6th, 1981. Lives and works in Portland, Oregon
2000-2004 B.F.A focusing in Graphic Design and Painting, Castleton State College, 
Castleton, Vermont

"From a young age ive always been making things. Building forts turned into building skate ramps which lead to building art installations. I love the art making process, from the initial spark of the "idea", the creation to the finished product. Art for me is very personal and everything i make is a direct reflection on my feelings about this world and my struggle and fascination with trying to understand it and find my purpose within it."

Erik Foss

Erik Foss has been living and working in downtown Manhattan for over twelve years. This will be his second solo show at Gallery Three in San Francisco. He has also shown in several New York galleries including White Box, Dietch and Jonathan Levine, as well as The Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago, Collette in Paris and V1 Gallery in Denmark.

Aaron Nagel

Aaron Nagel is a figurative oil painter living in Oakland CA. Having received no formal training, he is entirely self-taught; a fact at odds with his classical approach to surrealism. In his current work, he explores specific themes of guilt and power, always associated with his views on the perils of organized religion and theism. 

Following his successful solo debut in 2008, Nagel will present all new work at the Shooting Gallery (San Francisco, CA) in March of 2010


Sometimes i feel like screaming, "why do i have to paint, i've painted already!" Then i realize that's what i do.

Henry Gunderson

Cody Hudson


Thomas Campell

Thomas Campbell perpetually introduces his audience to new stages of his own artistic evolution. The works, unmistakably executed with evidence of the human hand are painted, drawn, cut, sewn or modeled with intricate renderings of characters and text. The end result is a sophisticated dichotomy that is part concept, part handcraft, which together offer an insightful look at contemporary life. Campbell infuses his distinctly unique style into the paintings, drawings and sculptures that comprise his fantastical world. The images that hold figuratively abstract freeness are a deliberately simple affirmation of Campbell’s self-titled “stuff making,” as well as his own daily life.

Nas Chompas

dreaming hillside watcher. by nas chompas!.

D Young V

D Young V is a pen and ink artist currently working out of San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Influenced by wheat pastes and graffiti, his monochromatic drawings might be mistaken as a stencil from afar. With a closer look, the extent of his penmanship becomes obvious. His line work is meticulously detailed, illuminating every stroke and process of the piece.D Young V has a BFA in fine arts fromManhattanville College, Purchase, NY and a MFA in painting from the Academy Of Art, San Francisco, CA. 
While attending the Academy Of Art his interest in urban art began to influence his works. His roots in punk and sub-youth culture transcends and in many of the ink on archival paper works which have been shown in SF galleries such as Space Gallery and Babylon Falling.

Robert Burden

My current paintings are large, epic "portraits" of the small action figures that I played with as a boy. I remember these figures as being magnificent. They represented power, beauty, morality, and they captured every aspect of my imagination. After discovering a box of my old toys years later, I was disappointed with what I had found. The reality of the toys did not live up to the memory. I want to depict the toys as fantastically as they had been in my younger self's imagination. As a young adult, these toys are wonderfully nostalgic, but they're no longer amazing to me. Though sheltered and naive, there was a freedom in my childhood. It was free from the politics of race and religion. It was free from the burdens of history. It was free from rhetoric and paranoia. It was free from cynicism and despair. There is nothing profound about commenting on the minor tragedy of losing one's innocence, or the struggle to maintain one's idealism. I just want to renew my faded sense of awe.

Casey Gray

Casey Gray’s artwork explores the dynamics of sexual attraction and sexual perversion in society. Touching on themes such as promiscuity, the power of beauty, the emotional dangers of sexuality and the various complexities of youth, his work reflects an utter fascination with the perverse nature of mankind. His paintings are reactions to moments of bliss, lust, anguish, obscurity and sexual frustration in society and in his own life.  He blends the grit and grime of city life with the intimacy and comfort of the domestic through the use of various urban media techniques, intricate patterned backgrounds and a warped image bank ranging from not so innocent young females to the entire animal kingdom.  The result are boldly colorful layered narratives in an all-encompassing street aesthetic mixed with a graphic sensibility that pushes the boundary between traditional and contemporary painting.

Anthony Lister

Lister's work suggest influences from a number of areas and genres, including street art, expressionism, pop art and contemporary drug culture. It often deals with subject matter from popular culture, reflecting the less glamorous aspects. He occasionally draws from television and such themes as the "misguided role models" that result. He has said that "Australians are raised by Americans on TV" and also that "TV is the contemporary mode of meditation" Lister's own children have had a profound impact on the way he creates art; he has been inspired by "watching what his own children are watching on tv" and what they're bombarded with. He has often stated that he is not trying to make a statement with his work but to reflect the world around him.