1985 Dodge Caravan SE

Yeah I know this is weird, but we all have that one car in our collection that just doesn't match the others!! The Caravan has gone through a complete mechinical and cosmetic restoration. This is a very unique automobile that just has to be seen to appreciate, I would not trade it for anything, and really how many of these things do you see out there still running around in this good of condition?

  • ¬†This was my FIRST car!!
  • This caravan was ordered in 1984 specially for my parents. The VIN # has been decoded and it is number 476 off the assembly line of all Dodge Caravans made.
  • Engine: 2.6L 4 Cylinder
  • Transmission: 3 speed Chrysler
  • Owner: Justin Larsen

The first 2 pictures below are of me washing the van when we first got it, back in 1985!! The 3rd picture is when I got it back from being painted in 1999. The 4th picture was taken just a few months ago sitting in my driveway 2008.