Dear friends and allies,

Your concern is in need for the future of Taiwan.

“Simaqian said: If a country will progress, there must be tranquility when good men are in position and bigots vanished. If a country will collapse, men of integrity are repressed and the decadents flourished” (Hereditary Houses no. 20, vol. 50, The Records of the Grand History).

We believe most Asians in the world, intellectuals and those who are aware of the present are all paying attention to the situation between Taiwan and Mainland China. We believe although they are two countries/political entities, they are essentially inseparable, or, could become one body.

In the past seven years, incumbents who ran the country wreaked havoc in Taiwan because they only focused on their own well-being. They forgot their duties to promote the welfare of each person and to follow the neutral Dao, but led Taiwan into self-destruction. Those in charge broke their promise and those debauched arouse to power that inch-by-inch destroyed moral value in Taiwan and of Taiwanese. The past seven years was the projection of perdition.

To those who still have hope for the future, we assert again: a good sovereignty needs a strong bastion composed of virtue and decency. We are broadcasting this message not to campaign for any election in Taiwan. Yet, we urge for a righteous revolution to bring peace to Taiwan and China, security in Asia, advance in global economics, and prosperity for everyone on this earth. Your attention and benevolence, given at this moment, decide the future of the world you and your descendants live on.

Yours truly,

Decaman’s Pupil






海外來鴻/梅花(鄧麗君 唱)






奇文共賞: 聯合國加入台灣