Masterclass performers

There are two masterclasses on Saturday: one by Prof. Jean-Luois Haguenauer (1:00p.m.) and another by Prof. Mami Hayashida (3:30p.m.)  For Prof. Haguenauer's class, we are accepting applications from relatively advanced students who wish to perform Debussy's piano works.  Prof. Hayashida's class, on the other hand, does not have a repertoire requirement --any student who is intermediate level (about the level of Fur Elise) or above may perform any composition. 

Thank you for all of those who applied for masterclasses.  Here are the pre-college level students participating in these masterclasses:

            Prof. Haguenauer's Class
            Amy Moore (Ashland, KY)
            Kathryn Barber (Ashland, KY)
            Rachel Lietzow (Union, KY)
            Anne Summers (Lexington, KY)

            Prof. Hayashida's Class
            Marni Stokes (Louisville, KY)
            Cassie Morrelles