I graduated with my PhD in Geoscience, with a focus in paleontology, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and before that I earned my MS from Ohio State University in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, focused on mammalian paleontology. I studied and researched paleontology at the graduate level for seven years, focusing on topics as diverse as mammal phylogenetics (specifically the Taeniodonta, right), connections between the rock and fossil records, and possible environmental drivers of mammal tooth wear and evolution.

Other than paleontology itself, Education and Outreach pursuits are my biggest passions. I served as the Chair of the Outreach Committee of the Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution at UW-Madison for two years. I have also completed a Delta Teaching Certificate, which includes participation in learning communities, classes about teaching, and a teaching-as-research project. I currently consult on curriculum development and outreach at the high school level in evolutionary biology, geology, and paleontology.

I now work with the BioQUEST curriculum consortium on the QUBES project, managing the Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) professional development opportunities.