TASKS for Game Prototype Project

1. Check Research grade in Infinite Campus. Talk to Deb if you want to improve your grade.

2. Complete Assessment if you didn't yet.

3. Work on Prototype

4. Plan your tutorials with your department

Final Project Prototype Requirements:

Tool     Proficient Technology Concepts Advanced Technology Concepts
 Unity Complete part 1 and 2 of bird and worm
Review these computer terms and see if you can find examples in unity. To help you remember these concepts see program parts and put comments in your code.

 Make a plan with CEO on what you want to build next
 Alice Make a game that keeps score and uses arrow and space bar keys. Have player enter name to personalize the game using their name. To help you remember these words see program parts and put comments in your code.
Let the player select their character from at least 3 choices.

Optional:  use other keys such as WASDFG keys to interact with your game
Create a character  that will move around in a game using arrow keys and create a separate background for one scene of the game. The character should be original and have a transparent background.
 Make more than one image so your character can be animated.
Make a model of your controller and test it using current practice materials.Controller uses arrow and space bar keys

 Controller for two player where it uses arrow and space bar keys and 5 letters from WASDFG keys.
Model contains 3D printed parts.
Upload Tinkercad stl files

Game Prototype and Website Presentation

Google Presentation

Project Manager discuss timeline plan for completing prototypes and website and then presenting. How do you want to plan - using Google Calendar and Project task spreadsheet. The goal is to present on Tuesday May 16th.

Animation Example

Alice Beginner and Intermediate Tutorials and Duke University Alice Tutorials

You can download  Alice 2  or Alice 3

Explore More in your Free Time

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Unit 2: Interactive Programming

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 Unit 3: Creating Learning Games

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Unit 4: 7th and 8th Grade Cybersecurity PBL

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Technology Portfolio

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