6th Grade  Image result for alice 3 Agenda

To program computer animations using procedures and control structures. To save and organize your files on a computer so they are backed up (copy exists).

Monday -Friday

Show Deb after you achieve each goal and celebrate with a 5 minute break. 

Goal 1: Watch videos and read steps 5 - 8 to make Alien game.

 Goal 2: See intermediate tutorials to Ask the user for their name 

Goal 3 Bonus if completed by Thursday.   If you add comments to your code to explain the following: 

Advanced Goal: See intermediate tutorials to create a timer or keep score.

For fun add a sound from
 free Sound  user: technocats    pwd: technocats

Alice 3 Computer Programming Intro


7th & 8th Image result for app inventor  Agenda      

To create drawing and gaming apps and communicate an understanding of event handlers. Explain the different parts of the code such as events, properties, procedures/methods, and variables.

Monday -Friday

Show Deb after you achieve each goal and celebrate with a 5 minute break.

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Slide 16: Modify and improve your presentations. See slide 16. Order your slides now by who did what slide.

Do you want to know how to back up photos on your phone?

Goal 1: Open your copy of Drawing and Gaming Exploration. Watch videos to create  Android Mash game and answer questions in green.

Goal 2: Create pong or mushroom chase game Drawing and Gaming Exploration.

Goal 3: Start assessment Project: Design your own game app

You can change App Inventor language to Spanish

App Inventor Drawing and Gaming