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Debi Austin, M.A.

Tobacco Educator/Motivational Speaker

“Debi transfixes and transforms audiences by making sure they know that they must take responsibility for their own choices, actions and consequences.”

Jay Aaron, Author & Educator


 As a Tobacco Educator, Debi does not preach right and wrong or good and bad, tell you that you must stop smoking, or never start. Instead, she makes sure that her audiences of young people and adults alike know that it is your beliefs that guide your choices, your choices that guide your actions, and your actions that lead to your consequences. You know Debi as the person who appears in the first “in your face” tobacco education Public Service Announcement to be aired on televisions worldwide. As a cancer survivor, Debi speaks with authenticity about her personal choices and how they led to the difficult life she leads now and shares with you authoritatively what you must do to ensure a different outcome in your life and in the lives of people you care about. After her talk, you’ll be able to move effortlessly from life-threatening choices to life-affirming actions. When you have Debi speak in your schools, community centers, civic groups, business alliances and professional associations, you will learn:

 ·  Who is responsible for your community and personal health and how to influence them to act

·  Why “moralizing” never works to keep kids (and adults) from smoking   and what does work

·  How and why to never start smoking

·  When to stop smoking (if you already do) and how to stop effortlessly

·  How to easily avoid common mistakes that will lead to illness, disability, or death

·  How to act responsibly in the face of peer pressure whether you are a youth, a teen, or an adult

·  How knowing about choices, actions, and consequences can change your life for the better in every way...

 You will also learn:

    • What tobacco companies still don’t want you to know about their products, and why you must know these things if you want to live a healthy life
    • How what you don’t know about tobacco companies is killing people and destroying cultutures around the world and how your life and your pocketbook are being personally affected by these injustices...

 What others are saying about Debi:  

“Ms Austin [is] a knowledgeable and impassioned anti-tobacco advocate [and her] influence is amazing. The knowledge she has gained from industry documentation... has contributed immensely to her ability to become an extremely effective educator and advocate, encouraging others to do the same.”

Judy Blachly, Freelance, Broadcast Business Affairs


Debi can take a great deal of credit for helping Orange County achieve the status as the #1 region in the nation’s 100 largest urban areas to have the lowest smoking prevalence, as determined by the Center for Disease Control.”

Jim Walker, Executive Director, Stop Tobacco Abuse of Minors Pronto

Ms Austin [is] an icon of truth [about] the Tobacco Industry’s deceitful marketing practices.”

Evi Hernandez, Research and Development Analyst, California Health Collaborative

The youth of my program have benefited from [Debi’s] influential message by taking tobacco prevention to a higher level.”

Bobby Lorilla, Coordinator, Friday Night Live Partnership (A program of NCADD)

 "Debi has changed many lives at Columbus Middle School. She has been my guest speaker since the mid ‘90s. She has spoken to auditoriums full of students so spellbound you could have heard a pin drop. The students have listened carefully to her message and in the days and weeks following have asker wonderful, thoughtful questions. Her presentations are done with humor, fact and reality.  The message hit home.  Bless you for your time and caring, Debi!” 

With tremendous gratitude, Dr. Nanci E. Hanover, Ed. D., Educator


Satisfied Clients:


* American Cancer Society * American Heart Association * American Lung Association *

* California Health Collaborative * Alameda County Medical Center * BURNT: Rising Above the Ashes *

* Friday Night Live Partnership (A program of NCADD) * STAMP - Stop Tobacco Abuse of Minors Pronto *

* Los Angeles Unified School District * Oakland School District * Teens Tackle Tobacco * Tobacco Survivors United *

* School Districts throughout California, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana and Florida * 


Debi is a highly qualified, experienced presenter, who regularly receives standing ovations. Although she generously accepts requests for pro bono speaking engagements or diminished speaking fees, her standard minimum fees are as follows:

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