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audacious beats gmusicbrowser!

To make a playlist, GTK interface 
1. (from a directory) first open a folder of music files, then RC on the "Playing Now" tab and rename it to the wanted playlist.
2. (from files) click on the + button next to tabs, click the + button at left to add files to the new playlist.

WinAmp interface, Shift-N to make a new playlist (Shift-D to delete playlist) then click on ADD to add files. Or open files with btm right button on player -they will append to the current playlist.
Tab for next playlist, Shift-Tab for previous one, or RC on "Now Playing (x of n)", then up/down cursors to select song, Enter to play it.
there's also a playlist manager on the LIST button. 


uncheck show pop-up info for playlist entries
set to always ontop (top left button > View) roll up (middle top right button) and then drag to the bottom of the screen.
In pref's > Playlist check "continue playback on startup" to have music on PC start (no need to add audacious to startup in xfce settings manager).
mouse scroll button on player to adjust volume.

global hotkeys 
enable the plugin, in Preferences > plugins > general
Examples: Super-X next track, Super-Z previous track, Super-Space pause/resume, Super-C toggle window, Super-Q vol up, Super-A vol down, Super-S toggle shuffle, Super-E toggle repeat, Super-right Forward 5sec, Super-left Reverse 5sec

toggle window hides the player, while hotkeys control it, so in that case there's no need to roll it up

Stops playing after each track from a playlist?? I had "No playlist Advance" checked on Playback menu.

there's an xfce panel plugin for xmms that works for audacious
-download the xfce4-playercontrol-plugin, unpack it, explore to the directory and click the terminal button in xfe
in the terminal enter ./configure then make and lastly make install
(note the configure command will return errors if intltool libgtk2.0-dev libxfcegui4-dev xfce4-panel-dev are not installed and the makefile won't be made)
but I can't find it in add new items to the panel!

david quinton,
May 17, 2012, 9:41 PM
david quinton,
May 16, 2012, 7:40 AM