May 2012
memory usage -64bit debian wheezy with xfce

 1st Debian install (Squeeze to Wheezy) 2nd Debian install (Wheezy)
on start-up 195mb including 
bluman applet           29mb
xfce4-panel             16mb
xfce4-mixer-plugin      14mb
xfdesktop               13mb
nm applet               12mb
gvfs (all)              12mb
xfwm4                   10mb
xfce4-volumed           10mb
xfce4-places-plugin     10mb
clipit                  9mb
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin   8mb
xfce4-power-manager     8mb
xfce4-mount-plugin      8mb
user/lib/..panel/wrapper 7mb
xfce4-netload-plugin    7mb
xfce4-session           7mb
on start-up 190mb including 
bluman applet           29mb  25mb
xfce4-panel             15mb
xfce4-mixer-plugin      14mb
xfdesktop               12mb
gvfs (all)              11mb
xfwm4                   11mb 
clipit                  11mb 
xfce4-volumed           10mb
xfce4-places-plugin     9mb
panel/wrapper action buttons 9mb +9mb
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin   7mb
xfce4-mount-plugin      7mb 
xfce4-netload-plugin    7mb
xfce4-session           7mb
xfce4-power-manager     4mb

disk usage

4.99 Gb out of 12Gb .. /user 3.85Gb .. /var 457mb .. libreoffice in /opt 446mb

1.4 Gb out of 7Gb .. ffmpeg 322mb .. wine 252mb .. Downloads 154mb .. akonadi 143mb .. nepomuk 111mb (=882mb)
3.6 Gb out of 13.6Gb .. /user 2.3Gb .. /var 250mb .. libreoffice in /opt 446mb 

1.1 Gb out of 9Gb ..  Downloads 280mb ..  (=810mb)

taking up disk space in home before clean-up (found using baobab -disk usage analyser and gdmap)

  • .local/share/akonadi 146mb (dependant for kde kipi plugins)
  • .kde/shar/apps/nepomuk/ (116mb) repository/main/data/virtuosobackend 106mb (needed as data storage for any kde app's)
  • chromium cache 408mb 
  • .wine/drive_c/users/*name/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5 200mb (used by Picasa)
  • chromium cache 155mb 

  • apt-get clean
  • /var/tmp/kdecache -remove files
  • chromium empty the cache 'since beginning of time'
  • IE5 cache -locate and remove

Use bleachbit to easily tidy up the disk! 
It can also remove all the unnecessary language files:
  1. run first as normal user to clean up web browser cache etc.
  2. run with sudo (as root)
  3. set which lang's to keep in Edit > Preferences > Languages tab > check ones to keep.
  4. hit "preview" and "delete"

Clean the thumbnails cache

find ~/.thumbnails -type f -name "*.png" | xargs rm -f

set a daily cron job:
sudo leafpad /etc/cron.daily/clean_thumbnails
add this and save it:

find ~/.thumbnails -type f -name "*.png" -mtime +10 | xargs rm -f   
# the "-mtime" option sets the age of files to find (and afterwards delete) e.g. over 10 hrs

sudo chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/clean_thumbnails