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1. set up the usb stick manually, following (didn't work for me) or
2. UNetbootin (works effortlessly)
3. Remastersys USB startup disk tool (like UNetbootin)
4. Live USB Install
5. Multisystem Live USB tool

WINDOZER USER: try out LinuxLive USB Creator
or YUMI which can put multiple distro's on a usb stick
or SARDU -Multiple Linux Live

-can install only one .ISO file at a time to usb stick
install from packages with sudo apt-get install unetbootin

use Gparted to make a Primary partition (FAT32) big enough for your ISO file + (optional) a small partition (FAT32) for any extra files.

then run UNetbootin, select download or a local ISO file, the new partition, and fire away.
on reboot you need to tell your BIOS to boot from the USB. carry on booting with usb. enjoy.

Just remember to wipe the files from the Live CD partition on the usb before installing a different ISO to it!

Note: for installing debian on a machine with broadcom wireless, it would be nice to have the driver files ready on the same usb drive.
So go back to Gparted, format some free space on the usb stick (FAT32) and then in thunar...
copy onto it the broadcom wireless driver in the two directories, /b43 and /b43-open (see Step1 install for details)
Note: if you need to resize a FAT32 formatted drive, you need to install FAT32 file support
sudo apt-get install dosfstools mtools
but likely you just need to wipe the partitions and make new ones.

this programme can download distro iso files -and no.4 above, Live USB Install, is pretty similar in scope -but no multi-ISO install possible, unless script is used first to make one ISO from different ones.
this script from their web-page makes one .iso file of multiple LiveCD or utility .iso's which can then be put on a USB stick with UNetbootin, Remastersys USB tool, or the commands: 
isohybrid multicd.iso
dd if=multicd.iso of=/dev/
sb1 bs=1M (eg only -find your usb device name! sudo fdisk -l)
but what is the .iso file size limit??  and can it deal with multiple .iso's of the same Linux distro such as those made with Remastersys, or different downloaded versions?

can install multiple live cd ISO's to a usb stick, (but one time it got stuck renaming "bad names" and took a long time -and then the grub was bad and another .iso needed to be added to fix it).

I hacked the install script they give on the site which basically adds the source and repo key

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb all main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'
can comment out with # after install -sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

install the key
wget -q -O- | apt-key add -
apt-get update && apt-get install multisystem