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Make a bootable usb debian installer
OK I made a page cos I need the method for copy ISO to usb



HowTo Build a Package from Source the Smart Way

convert a .rpm package (from Redhat Linux) to .deb package with alien

How to download .deb files from repository even if they are already installed

Top 25 Performance Monitoring Tools
50 most used Unix/Linux commands

Safe removal of data - file shredding

backup a partition to a compressed file

backup the system to a tar file

backup a partition as a copy using dd
with bzip2 compression 
with splitting the backup file
to use lzip for making .lz files install lzip and lunzip 
dd rescue tool 
clone with ddrescue

move the Linux partition to another one

Logical Volume Manager (sudo apt-get install lvm2)

faster ext3 journaling

Dealing with large log files (extracting parts with sed, head, tail and cat!)

smxi script -a tool for updating the kernel and graphics driver.

Virtual Box -for testing installs in a vitual box!

Debian multiarch

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