Cloud syncing

With Ubuntu One not around for Debian what other cloud sync options are there?...

Insync is now available for Linux syncing with Google Drive -it will sync your entire Drive with your PC, not just selected files 

dropbox uploading via dropbox folder syncing was real slow for me.

dvcs-autosync -looks difficult! http://www.mayrhofer...

spideroak looks ok, but they only give 2GB for free and you need their 23Mb program installed.

OwnCube which is hosted by ownCloud -but it's no longer a free service (and they didn't tell me about that!)
sign up 
make source file
sudo leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud2012.list
And paste this line into it:
deb /
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install owncloud-client
the rest is up to you -I couldn't connect to it recently

Box -5Gb free but has no Linux app but there's a way with webdav
another way here

 W  Wuala
Linux friendly but no longer for free - it'll be 99 Euro cents per month for 5Gb.

Basically you have 3 options given you within the Wuala app:
  1. Select local directories to backup online (meaning files are uploaded and they will be uploaded each time the files are updated locally)
  2. Select local directories to sync online (meaning that files are uploaded but also downloaded to the local dir if they have been updated online by another pc or mobile device).
  3. Drag or copy/paste directories and files to a folder in the Wuala app window or Wuala directory in user's home (the files will upload but will not be uploaded if updated locally -you will have to replace those files in Wuala with more recent ones).
Really, what you see in the Wuala app is your files being stored on-line.  Wuala is desktop based, so you don't go to the website to login to see your files.  
Besides that there are options to set up private/public groups for sharing, company (business account) and storage devices.
Any directory can be shared also.

Tip: if you reinstall with a new user name or change user name and copy over your config files, the Wuala app might get locked.  So you can:
  1. rename the .wuala dir
  2. start Wuala and a new .wuala dir is made
  3. close Wuala and copy files from renamed .wuala dir
  4. start Wuala and then reconnect your synced folders: Right click on folder > Backup Settings > Reconnect > search the folder in your home dir > Save > OK

 copy  from Barracuda Networks  

They give you 15Gb for the free plan and with an extra 5Gb if you get referred (use my link below) and a further 5Gb for referring another person. :-O
+ a Linux desktop app (which is a whopping 49mb because it contains all the libQt packages it needs in both 32 and 64bit)...

Download the tar file from
unpack it and cd to eithr 32 or 64 bit dir
run ./CopyAgent
  • a nice clean web interface and easy to use - click on a folder and it expands the contents to the right, click a file and it shows a preview to the right - and revision history (click info button) if different versions have been uploaded; 
  •           click on a title to the left to close the furthest panel at right.
  •           drag and drop files to other folders
  • the desktop app syncs from one location, copy home (which you can set where you like), and in there you need to make sym-links to any other folders/files you need to sync with your online account.
  • instructions here
One problem with the online interface is that uploading a newer version of a file doesn't instantly update the older version!  You need to refresh the browser page first (the refresh button in the interface doesn't do it).
also, old versions can't be deleted to keep newer versions only.
  • the copy agent has command-line tools! 
  • you will need to cd to the /x86_64/CopyAgent or /x86/CopyAgent dir first as they didn't package the app into a deb archive, it runs stand-alone
  • to connect with your account you'll first need to enter user/pw with ./CopyCmd -username={email} -password=xxxxx
  • then command use is ./CopyCmd {Module} {options}
  • ./CopyCmd Cloud get [cloud path] [local path] gets a file
put  [local path] [cloud path]            uploads a file
ls [path1] [path2]                             lists files on server, -r recursive
mkdir [path]                                    makes folder
rm [path]                                        deletes
undelete [path]                               restores

make a command (e.g. Openbox menu entry) to run the QT app with ~/Downloads/copy/x86_64/CopyAgent etc
You can see what's happening with the files sync with right click on the panel icon, no. of files to upload and data speed - but detail could be better, its just about impossible to know which files are currently being processed or are queued.
in Preferences you can set what folders to sync to local from online, and sharing permissions on any.