For us, it all started when I almost died from mercury poisoning. After losing 9 children to miscarriage, struggling with endometriosis, 37 acquired allergies, osteopenia, Crohn’s, severe insomnia, endocrine organ problems (ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, & pancreas), life became difficult. I had to quit teaching 8th grade, slow down in my art studio, stay on bedrest for nearly 3 years. The power of Shaklee products changed all that. Now, we have a thriving international business spreading 'Healing Hope' & creating 'healthy habits for life!'

Deb’s Health Testimony  

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    from Deb:

    I help others create energy and avoid sickness.  Why?

    I know the sick bed and the river bed.  

    Each have heroes.

    My sick bed was an Indian-giver.

    At first it lead me to interior castles; 

    then, it was a mote, blocking entrance.

    As long as mansions swirled, (spirit, mind and soul talking), 

    I felt peace.

    But, when intense body-pain controlled my faculties, 

    it almost stopped my soul-talk.

    Now, I restore temples which protect mansions.

    Running through riverbeds, I am Legolas.  

    Wind races through my hair, speaking of freedom & grace.

    We have more riverbeds to cross.