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Once upon a time, long ago, before compact disc and ipods were created, humans listened to music pressed into vinyl discs. These were called records. Vinyl records had an A side and a B side, the two sides on which music singles were released.

The A side was the featured song, the one that got a lot of radio airplay and most likely to became a hit. The B side, or flip side was secondary music, often stylistically different or considered unworthy to put on an album. But sometimes, if the right person, usually a Dee Jay, was fond of the music it was played more often and the B side became the hit.

I remember records. I am a Boomer, born in the 50's and an adolescent in the 60's. But just as the historical and sociocultural events of these decades shaped my life, I also had a goal. From the age of 10, I wanted to be a nurse, so my "professional identity" has been with me a long time...   

On the Fringes of the Age of Aquarius 

As a youth of the 60’s, I would love to tell a tale of my life as a Flower Child and how I heard Joplin at Woodstock. But, alas, that was not me. My only claim to fame from that time was seeing the Beatles in Montreal in 1964.

I was not a wall flower but remained safely on the fringes of the movement, embracing flower power and dreaming of a world of peace and harmony. That was not hard to do living in Canada and being politically secure. 

Hippies distained materialism.  We were not a wealthy family, so my only interest in money was when I wanted something shiny and new (did I mention I am a Libra?) and then I would work long enough until I had the money to buy it.

Flower children abandoned war to live a more spiritual life in tune with nature. They espoused the Eastern influences in fashion, music and religion that became popular at the time. I spent my summers in the country with friends, burned my bra at an early age and wore tie dyed shirts. I smoked (and did inhale on occasion), and practiced the spirituality of free love.

Gender   Equality

Some say that the symbolic significance of Flower Power with both males and females wearing flowers in their       long hair, was the start of the feminization of the masculine North American culture, the birth of the concept of      gender equality. That worked for me - I wanted to be a travelling nurse and decided that being a homemaker was not my bag. 

True to my Past

I embraced peace, love and rock & roll and still do. I am not a homemaker, but am a pretty good Mom and Wife.  But for many years, I have been caught up in life's events and lost sight of myself outside the professional arena where I am a nurse and professor.

This is a discovery site dedicated to honouring who I am and chronicling my flip side. Left in the record jacket for years, I apologize for the dust and any scratches it may have. But is is authentic and perhaps valuable for it's unconventional content! 

Please join me on the Flip Side! 

..to appreciate the B side, you have to get to know the A Side  .