Updated  October  1, 2008




How to Buy

Ao Dai  (ow yi)

             FIVE Styles:    

 ~ 1. Floral Spray (NEW)~        ~2. Diamond~ 

   ~3. Ribbon Flowers~           ~4. Soft Floral~ 

                     ~5. Ao Dai with Turban~      


       NEW!  Floral Spray Colors

 The Floral Spray designs have light, sheer paneled tunic tops with handpainted designs around the collar, down the front, and the sleeves.  The top goes over a silky pant with elastic on the waist.  There are ribbon roses on these, decorated with silvery vines.

   The sleeves all fit in 3/4 length on most dolls.

Two sizes: size 1 (best for Kiomi, Liri, and smaller dolls)

                  size 2  (as shown here)

Specify: lavender, yellow, fuschia, blue, pink

COST:   Floral Spray  $35 plus shipping

         padded envelope, first class postage $5


 DIAMONDS    Pink: 1 left    Blue:  3 available           Yellow: 1 left

                     left sold                     Lizzi available


Diamonds  come in two sizes and three colors. The tops are two kinds of sheer fabric: a floral print and a solid.  On the solid portions, beautiful detailed scroll painting decorates the fronts. The pants are silky, with an elastic band.

Two sizes: size 2 (as shown above)

                 size 3 (for the tallest dolls)

Specify:  yellow (one left), fuschia (one only), blue, pink

COST:   Diamonds  $35 plus shipping

         padded envelope, first class postage $5


                              Ribbon Flowers

Pink, size 2  One sleeveless                      Blue, size 2 (one left)

                   One long sleeve

  These softly sheer (not shiny) fabrics are the ones you first saw when I posted the Ao Dai.  I was able to obtain a few.  Lavender sold out.

COST:   Ribbon Flowers  $35 plus shipping

                     padded envelope, first class postage $5


NEW!    Nuala wears a sample of the One of a Kind  $38

         Soft Floral 

               Size 2------------------------------------------------------Size 3 on Lillith


HA HA   I did a funny.  I wanted you to see the scallops on the pants.

The soft florals are ALL different.  There's many portions of it that are hand sewn.  The fabric is a non-shiny poly, which has handpainted flowers: daisys, tulips, poinsettias. I have two sizes. Nuala is wearing a size 2. But, because of the handwork, each is SO unique, you'll simply have to ask about colors and proper size for your specific doll.

                 True Blue, Light blue, Pink, Lavender  

  COST:  Soft Floral  $38 plus shipping

             padded envelope, first class postage $5


 Ao Dai with Turbans


TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!   That's what I have to say about these!  The turban in open on top (as meant for girls so that braids can go through them). The colors are fuschia with a silver geometric print.  It closes with snaps along the sides.  Matching pants are silky white, with an elastic top.  This company calls our size 1-2.    The turban size is adjusted by inserting a small piece of foam behind the head. Also available is one size 3T.

 Cost for set:  $46          

                     Must be shipped in slender box  $6

  Size 2 and size 3 available


Ao Dai with Turban Red and Gold

                            Red and Gold

  These are two piece outfits, of a lighter weight silky material.  The pattern of the print is geometric, as shown in the fuschia set above.  The sizes are perfect for Ai Lien, but would also fit dolls slightly shorter, or slightly taller.

Cost for set:  $46     

Only size 2 available      

 Must be shipped in slender box  $6


   Ao Dai    (pronounced "Ow  Yi" very quickly, with short sounds--the letter D is silent, and the  "i" is a long vowel.) is the  Vietnamese Traditional girls' dress.  It  has a very long, sheer  tunic top over pants.  The fabric will be the silky poly.  

      The designs down the front of the tunic are all handpainted.  Often, there are ribbon roses, dainty glitter paints, or other handwork designs.  No two are alike.    The sizes are called Sizes 1T and 2T.  These are Vietnamese sizes, so they are a bit different compared to US. All are very very slender. 

      Sometimes, the Ao Dai are sleeveless.    You may purchase the set as shown, or request custom tailoring on the sleeves ($7 extra).

             Pink 2 Piece Ao Dai                 Sky Blue 

Cost:  $35 plus shipping to your home