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Theories and Perspectives in Science Education

Theories: Metacognition a Must

These theories are “good teaching” and should be employed in every subject taught.  The new teachers entering the field have learned the techniques of learning by doing and often incorporate them effortlessly into their lessons. However for those who have not experienced this kind of teaching it is much more difficult.

            Teachers need to be aware of all learning modalities especially with the increase of English Language Learners.  Teaching to multiple learning modalities is needed in order to reach all students.

            Knowledge of PCK, Constructivism, higher order thinking skills and multiple intelligences are all necessary to provide high quality instruction, however, what interests me the most is metacognition. Teaching students to think about their thinking is not something that happens routinely. When students learn to identify how they best learn their learning becomes expediential. They maximize their learning and begin the process of discovering and refining “life long learning.” I also feel that metacognition needs to be taught discreetly.