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Rising Above the Gathering Storm: UTeach, Ca Teach Programs

The committee is worried that science and technology are “eroding” in the U.S. whereas other nations are gathering strength in science and technology. The U.S. has been a world leader in science and technology but there is fear that this may not continue.  Action A1 suggests that every year we recruit 10,000 science and mathematics teachers by awarding 4-year scholarships to obtain bachelor’s degrees in the physical or life sciences, engineering, or mathematics with concurrent certification as K–12 science and mathematics teachers.

UTeach and California Teach program are offering these scholarships. UTeach was started at The University of Texas at Austin in 1997. It has proven to be so effective that it is now being replicated at universities across the United States. Additionally, UTeach was named one of the Top 50 Innovations in American Government today by Harvard’s Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation.

I also went on UC Santa Cruz’s website to look at the California Teach program and found that they received $750,000 grant to support this program.  Additionally, the program expects to prepare 32 math and science teachers by 2013. This is really great! I was unaware that this was happening. I need to get out of my elementary cocoon!