About Me

I am a proud graduate of Duke University (B.S. in chemistry), LSU - go tigers (Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry) and CSUN (teaching credential).  When I am not involved in teaching, I like to hike in the Santa Monica Mountains and read trashy novels.  

My School

Calabasas High is a high performing school found in the Santa Monica Mountains - northwest of Los Angeles.  

Classes I teach

Chemistry-P - 

College Preparatory Chemistry offers the student an in depth study of matter and the changes it undergoes.  The course content includes the study of the identification of elements, chemical reactions, acids and bases, properties of solids liquids and gases, and the mathematical relationships of each.  Additionally, students will develop their critical thinking skills, learn to collect and analyze data, and be able to effectively communicate their findings. This course fulfills the UC-d lab requirement.

Honors' Chemistry is a fast paced course for students who desire an more challenging curriculum.  It                   includes all of the curriculum in the Chemistry-P class, but in further depth.  Students are expected to master sophisticated chemical concepts and calculations with a minimum of repetition.  This course is a UC-d honors' class.

  A.P. Environmental Science
This course studies the effect of man on planet earth. It combines geology, chemistry and biology
with geography, politics and ethics. It requires students to analyze and synthesize a wide variety
of scientific information from many different sources in order to understand the long-range impact
man is having on his environment. Additionally students will develop realistic solutions to critical
problems including sophisticated cost/benefit analysis. The laboratory portion will include air,
water, soil and biological analysis. Students will participate in oral arguments and written essays
in which they will be required to argue a point of view not one that they necessarily believe and
support that point of view with documented scientific fact.  This course is an interdisciplanary UC-d lab      science and can be considered either as a chemistry course or a biology/life science course.  It qualifies as a UC honors' course. 

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