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PenSupremacy is the best handwriting app for android. It is based on the best selling iPad app penultimate. It feels just like taking handwritten notes on real paper. Take notes, save sketches and share your ideas with PenSupremacy.
1. SIMPLICITY : The user interface has been designed to keep it simple and intuitive to give you fast access to all the essential tools.
2. POWER : PenSupremacy gives you the power to enhance your productivity. You can easily convert your notes to PDF and email them or share them with other apps like Evernote. You can share your sketches easily with Facbook, Picasa, PicSay etc.
3. STYLE : You get the coolest UI that looks second to a real notebook. You can change page design on the fly. Change the pen color by picking it from a cool color wheel.

Trivia: PenSupremacy is named so, because it is modeled after Penultimate. Influenced by the Bourne Trilogy the developer named it PenSupremacy as a sequel to PenUltimate(um)

Video of using pensupremacy with Acase stylus


How to use PenSupremacy.

When you open PenSupremacy it takes you to the notebook page that looks like this.

it lists all the different notebooks you have created.
To create  a new notebook you can tap the top left Button, or you can press menu which will bring up the menu bar containing the "New" menu.
Tap on the "New" menu, and a new notebook will show up in your notebook page. It will be named New Notebook, but once it shows up you can rename it.
To rename/open/delete/send the notebook as pdf. TAP and HOLD on the notebook, which will bring up the options menu that looks like this.

To open a notebook just tap on the notebook you want to open.
It opens up with the page you had last edited. Since android allows only a small amount of RAM for your app, loading the image from memory may take 2 tenths to 3 tenths of a second. Please be patient during this time. Once it opens up it will look something like this.

There are a few controls on this page knowing which may be useful. 
1. First is the "My Notebooks" button tapping which will take you back to notebook page
2. Second is the title on top which is the title you had named the notebook you are editing.
3. The first button on the right is the page select button.
4. The one on the extreme right is the send page button

The function of the page select button is to change the page you are writing on. On clicking the page select button a new dialog appears that contains all the page designs in a coverflow form, it looks like this. you can navigate though the pages like you do in a coverflow for itunes. swype and choose
Once you choose the background page changes immediately and you should be able to preview your note on the new page design immediately. This dialog doesn't close automatically as you may need to scroll through multiple designs before you choose one, so to close it just press the back key.

There are 6 different designs for pages they are as follows.
  1. Legal
  2. Narrow ruled
  3. Wide ruled
  4. small checked
  5. big checked
  6. plain
On the bottom there are three buttons, 
The eraser tool helps you clean up your notes. tap on this icon and it will change color to blue, which means it is activated.
Then move your finger over the parts you want to clear.

The 'X' icon clears the page

The pen icon has dual funnction.
  1. tap on it and it will turn blue which means it is activated. then move your finger to write your note. 
  2. to change pen size and color tap and hold on the pen icon and it will show a new window

 move you finger on the circle to choose color and increase the size by pulling on the progress bar , then to accept click on the center circle.
In addition to these buttons there are also two hidden buttons to change pages.