Amelie! I'm bored with zis chasing of stage coaches and easy-prey farmers! I want somezing fun to do! Amelie! Huh? Fun!
(Honoré de la Varennes)

In the northwestern part of The Mammoth Steppe, near the Howling Peaks, lies the small realm of Bretain. In Bretain the two bored and adventure-seeking vampire siblings, Amelie and Honoré de la Varennes, attack a stage coach, heading from Mousomme in Bretain to Gluckshalt in the Nordmark region in the Kingdom of Mark. One of the drivers desperately tries to trade his life for some information. The de la Varennes learn that the stage coach was headed towards a School of Magic Arts in Gluckshalt on a secret mission. They manage to find out that the school holds several magic artefacts and that the best scholars in the art of magic in the Kingdom of mark is heading there to study them and learn about them. The de la Varennes realize that this could be a very exciting adventure and also a way to create their very own realm with the aid of powerful magic...

The lands of Traumatia, and especially The Kingdom of Mark, which consists of Nordmark and Middenmark, will be cast into dark times, as several armies suddenly have business there. The Traumatian soil is invaded from many directions as the two vampires start things they didn´t ask for.  They gain the attraction of the ruinous powers of Korgaan's Varangur tribes - Birkaans. The Orcs and Goblins, fired up by the de la Varennes' scheming, just want to bash heads, The Ogres catch the opportunity to expand their hunting grounds. The dreaded Morgoth the Faceless himself takes interest in the de la Varennes actions and awaits the right moment to step in and claim the lands of Mark to himself. The Dwarfs are also drawn into this maelstrom of violence as they want an ancient artefact back, which was stolen by a necromancer, Dietmar Hanglernehmer, from their stronghold Karak Norn, now heading for the Kingdom of Mark.The Dwarfs won't stop for no-one! They follow the lead of the necromancer into the Umm-Ayyadh region, which once was a part of the Kingdom of Mark. And the Ratkin of the Underworlds is always scheming... 


This is a narrative campaign, set in the region of Traumatia, a rather unknown territory of Mantica, during the beginning of The Rising of Morgoth. Battles will be fought and tied into the unfolding story.The story will also dictate a lot of battles that will be played. Heroes will rise and heroes will die. Nothing is certain!