Las Vegas & More

Welcome to our Radltour!

March 26 2017 trough

April 09 2017

Participants: Sheila

Borden her brother

Big John, her brother on law

Margit the blond Viennese lady from Austria

last not least: Iris, playing the roll of an tour guide

A long lasting tour

Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

I have been following an invitation...

My US friends called me to be a tour guide.

Starting at Las Vegas for tour is always a challenge.

So many beautiful destinations.

We have done Hoover dam,

Grand Canyon (South rim),

Death valley,

and Los Angeles...

"we fade away to young, so much left undone"

No time to stall...!

Enjoy the pictures and the travel blog.

Good luck to our followers!

26. March 2017


arrival at Las Vegas

Sheila has organized a big car (Chevy Suburban - never seen a car so big like this)

She and the gentlemen picked us up right at the arrival

Thank you!

Accommodation: Motel 6, 195 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA, +1 702-798-0728

We had a dinner at Cocos, the little restaurant nearby motel 6.

Margit and me had a stroll to the Tropicana and the Hooters (just loud, wine in plastic cups... brrr...)

27. March 2017


2. day:

Las Vegas town tour

We visited the KA by Cirque du Soleil show at MGM Grand

is this the shirt of Mr. Mr. Trump?

Is Elvis alive?

what a friendly man...

28. March 2017


3. day:

this is the day, we visited the Hoover dam.

This time we checked in to the power generating tour.

Iris rode her bicycle from Boulder to Hoover dam.

A short distance, but so much gusty winds, didn't even allow to leave the handle bar and wave hands to my friends.

Sorry followers, this was the only bicycle ride from Iris. Too much wind (...too less power by Iris...)

We all had a wonderful buffet at the MGM Grand

here are the pictures from our Hoover dam "power generating tour":

on our return ride we hit Boulder:

The evening we spent at the Venetion. Had a goog dinner at the San Marco square:

at this square the sky is always blue... - it is Las Vegas

29. March 2017


4. day

ride from Las Vegas to Williams (overnight stop at Motel 6)

we went down the hwy to Kingman.

a wonderful rest stop at the birds cafe and later at Chloride.

At Kingman a sightseeing stop at the powerhouse.

see pictures from our day tour:

Chloride: "urban spral":

seen on the way to Williams:

A pink hat for a blond lady:

30. March 2017


this has been our "Grand Canyon day"

another night at motel 6 Williams (one of the roots of route 66)

An evening at Wiiliams:

31. March 2017


6. day:

A long lasting ride to Pharhamp

night at the Best Western Oasis at Pharhamp

see pictures from our ride:

01. April 2017


7. day:

ride from Pharhamp to Ridgecrest.

over the Death Valley route via Badwarer

night we had at Sheila's home at Ridgecrest

via Shoeshone and Badwater.

see pictures below:

this car needs new tires

Ride throgh the Deat valley:

Furnace creek to Ridgecrest:

02. April 2017


8.dayA rest day at Ridgecrest


At Sheila Krajewski or Motel 6

Day distance riding the bicycle 0 kilometers

03. April 2017


9. day

As the rented car has to be returned at San Diego and we failed to find a convenient transport for our bicycle, we gladly took the lift down to La Canada where Jane lives at provided us with a wonderful bed in her house.

A short party and music session with her love Morrow rounded the day.

04. April 2017


10. day:

Jane and Morrow gave us a lift down to Motel 6 Los Angeles Hollywood.

The liked to see and shop at the farmers market. So did we...

all oncoming accommodations we had at the Motel 6 Hollywood.

Motel 6, LA., Hollywood, 1738 N Whitley Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

Tel.: +1 323 464 60006

seen at Jane's house


Universal city tour:

05. April 2017


11. day

travel down to Santa Monica by Metro (red line and blue line)

Margit rented a bicycle, mine has been on the Metro and we visited all the good places at Venice

06. April 2017


10. day

exploring L.A. made us riding down by Metro to Long Beach

Whereas we went on the Queen Mary tour.

Los Angeles offers a lot of free sleeping places:

I know it is unfair to comment this. Be assured I spend a lot of dollars to homeless. There is always a story behind.

I have been just astonished how little the city takes care on those fated people...

07. April 2017


11. day

another day visit:

L.A. Zoo

and Griffith park and observatory

08. April 2017


12. day

another day visit:

Japanese garden (unfortunately closed)

09. April 2017


13. day

the day of our departure

Very early in the morning we participated the ceremony at the first Presbyterian church of Hollywood.

Great ceremony. Palm Sunday.

coming back, we found roads closed. The Hollywood half marathon just ended.

At the arrival, just located at our "standard" Metro Station Vine the finishing line.

We got a remembrance medal and s shirt as well

some other interesting pictures we found:

a bike trail downtown L.A.

depart LAX

10. April 2017


14. Tag

Arrival Vienna

Some like it hot...

Maybe you enjoy the pictures and report