(LAST UPDATE 08/04/09) 


Michael Rimmer - Scheduled for April 7 -Tennessee 

Michael Dale Rimmer - Stayed (Assumed) - The state has not released a Media Advisory requesting media witnesses as part of their procedure, suggesting that the execution has been stayed. The Tennessee Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the second death sentence of a Southaven man convicted of abducting and killing his former girlfriend, whose body was never found. Rimmer was convicted of the abduction and murder of Ricci Lynn Ellsworth, 45, who vanished Feb. 8, 1997, from the Memphis Inn where she worked the night desk. Cash was missing from the register and the office was covered in her blood. Rimmer was driving her car, which had her blood stains in the back seat, when he was arrested a month later in Indiana.


Jose Briseno - Scheduled for April 7, 2009 - TEXAS

Jose Briseno - Stayed - (02/04/09) Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott offers the following information on Jose Garcia Briseno, who was scheduled to be executed after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2009. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals today stayed Briseno's execution. Convicted of the murder of Dimmit County Sheriff Ben "Doc" Murray. Murray was killed inside his home following a violent struggle with Briseno and accomplice Alberto Gonzalez. The sheriff suffered numerous stab wounds inflicted with a butcher knife found buried in his chest. He had also been shot once in the head. Briseno and Gonzalez reportedly killed Murray to avenge previous arrests he had made against them.


Brett Hartman - Scheduled for April 7 - OHIO



Winda Snipes

Brett Xavier Hartman - Stayed - (31/03/09) The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati agreed today to grant a short reprieve to condemned killer Brett Hartmann. A three-judge panel of the appeals court granted the delay while the U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether prisoners have a constitutional right to test DNA evidence in their cases. A decision is expected this spring. Convicted of aggravated murder for the fatal mutilation and torture of Winda Snipes (46). Snipes, an acquaintance of Hartman, was killed Sept. 9, 1997, in her Highland Square apartment in Akron. Snipes was stabbed 133 times, her throat was cut twice, she was strangled with a cord and her hands, which have not been found, were cut off.


Richard Boxley - Scheduled for April 1 - Pennsylvania

Richard Boxley - Stayed - (20/02/09) Stay issued by the U.S. District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania. Boxley and Busanet killed Bolton because Bolton was Busanet’s drug-dealing rival. Boxley plotted with Busanet, also known as Tito Black, to kill Bolton. They went with Wilson Melendez, a friend of Busanet’s, to the 100 block of South Sixth Street in the middle of the afternoon. When Bolton approached, Boxley and Busanet began firing. Bolton died of gunshot wounds to his chest. Busanet, 31, was convicted and sentenced to death. He is on death row in the State Correctional Institution at Greensburg, Greene County. Melendez, 26, is serving three to six years in state prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to commit the murder.


Cal Coburn Brown - Scheduled for March 13 - Washington

Cal Coburn Brown - Stayed - (12/03/09) The Washington Supreme Court has stayed the execution of condemned killer Cal Coburn Brown, issuing a split decision less than eight hours before Brown was due to die.  The high court's decision will, at the very least, delay Brown's execution until August. Convicted in 1993 of aggravated first-degree murder for the stabbing and strangulation of Holly Washa (22). Brown car jacked the Burien woman at knifepoint near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 1991 and held her captive for 34 hours at a motel. She was raped, robbed, tortured and slashed to death, and her body was left in the trunk of her car.


Mikal Mujahid Moore - Scheduled for March 24 - Pennsylvania

Mikal Mujahid Moore - Stayed - (02/02/09) Stay issued by Ph CP (Philadelphia County Common Pleas Court). Convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death in 1999 for fatally shooting Donald Burroughs, Jr. (22) Moore had bullied Burroughs for years before the night of Jan. 17, 1998, when Moore chased Burroughs down a West Philadelphia street and shot him twice in the back.


Bennie L. Adams - Scheduled for March 2 - OHIO

Bennie L. Adams - Assumed Stay - No report prior to Oct. 30, 2008 can be located to state if execution is still scheduled for Adams. His execution count down will remain until his stay can be confirmed. Convicted for the murder of Gina Tenney (19),  who was Adams’ upstairs neighbor. She died by strangulation on Dec. 29, 1985. Her frozen body was found floating in the Mahoning River. Adams was indicted in the case after a DNA match was found in evidence police had preserved for 22 years. First execution date set (during sentencing trial) and will likely be stayed.


Victor Miller - Reported scheduled for March 2 - OKLAHOMA

Victor Miller - No Valid Execution Date Set - It is believed that there is no execution date set for Victor Miller, because of the following; a) as of 31/01/09 Oklahoma DOC has stated that there are no execution dates. b) Oklahoma Attourney General has not notified the public of an execution date request 60 days prior to the reported execution date. c) Oklahoma Attorney General has not released a media release 15 days prior to the execution date. (b & c are part of Oklahome execution procedure.) Even though many web sites have stated that there is an execution date set, it is believed to be false.  

Miller and another man carjacked Mary Bowles from a mall parking lot back in August 1999.  They say the two drove her to a secluded area.  Jerald Thurman just happened upon Bowles and her abductors.  Police say the suspects shot and killed both Bowles and Thurman. Miller has had 3 trials, all ending with the death penalty.


Phillip Hallford - Scheduled for March 19 - ALABAMA

Phillip D. Hallford - Stayed - (12/02/09) The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a stay of execution by the state of Alabama. Convicted of shooting a boy (16) to death in the Daleville area. Hallford used his daughter to lure her boyfriend, Shannon, to a secluded bridge on April 13, 1986. Hallford shot Shannon once in the roof of the mouth, then dragged him to the side of the bridge and shot him two more times in the head before throwing him over the bridge and into the water,


Dwayne A. Woods - Scheduled March 20 - Washington

Dwayne A. Woods - Stayed - (13/02/09) A federal court in Eastern Washington has issued a stay of execution. Convicted of two counts of aggravated first degree murder for the deaths of Telisha Shaver and Jade Moore. Woods raped and then beat Moore to death with an aluminum baseball bat, then beat Shaver to death when she unexpectedly arrived at the residence where the crime occurred.

Jeffery Hill - Scheduled for March 3 - OHIO

Jeffery D. Hill - Sentence Commuted - (12/02/09) Gov. Ted Strickland on Thursday spared the life of a death row inmate who killed his mother in a cocaine-induced rage and whose upcoming execution was opposed by his entire family, including his mother's siblings. Hill's new sentence is life in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years. He already has served nearly 17 years and could paroled as early as 2017. The Ohio Parole Board on Friday recommended unanimously that Gov. Ted Strickland spare a death row inmate whose entire family opposes his execution. The board recommends that Strickland commute Hill's sentence to life in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years.The night before the murder, Hill went on a crack cocaine binge. He stayed up all night and consumed $400 worth of the drug before visiting his mother's apartment. They got into an argument, and the next thing Hill knew, his mother was lying on the floor, stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife. Hill was picked up by the police later that evening while driving without his lights on. Officers found a crack pipe in his car. Later, his phone call from jail to check on his mother led to the police finding her body. He confessed three days later, after he remembered what happened. 

Victims Family Request - Emma Hill's surviving siblings (two brothers and a sister) oppose Jeffrey Hill's execution, contending the family has suffered enough. They've asked Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters not to oppose Hill's clemency application. They say Hill's crime was out of character and driven solely by his drug addiction. "We write you as a family, humbly requesting that you acknowledge and respect our wishes," the family said in a May 30 letter to Deters. "As a family, we have already gone through enough," the letter said. "We acknowledge the crime and the need for punishment but, to execute Jeffrey would drag us through yet another tragedy." Deters, a longtime prosecutor with a reputation for taking a hard line on death penalty cases, told the family in a July 24 letter he can't go along with their request. "The family's opinion is always important to us," Deters said in a statement. "However, we represent the entire state of Ohio and not just the victim's family."

Ronald F. Puksar- Scheduled for March 26 - Pennsylvania

 Ronald F. Puksar - Stayed - (02/02/09) A federal judge has put a stop to the execution of a convicted killer a week after the former Easton man's death warrant was signed by Governor Ed Rendell. Convicted on two counts of first-degree murder in the April 15, 1991, for the slayings of  Thomas Puksar (brother) and Donna Puksar (sister in-law), in their Bern Township home.

Larry Ray Swearingen - Scheduled for January 27 - TEXAS

Larry Ray Swearingen - Stayed - (26/01/09) Larry Swearingen was set to be executed Tuesday for a murder that several pathologists -- including the case’s original medical examiner – now say he could not have committed. He was convicted of the 1998 rape, abduction and murder of Melissa Trotter (19), a college student who was strangled and left in the woods. Several criminal pathologists say the prosecutors’ original theory -- that Trotter had been dead for 25 days before she was found – is impossible because of how preserved her body was. Convicted of kidnapping and strangling a white female (19) on 12/8/1998.

Jose Briseno - Scheduled for JANUARY 15 - TEXAS

Jose Garcia Briseno - Humanitarian Stay - (09/01/09) Judge Joe Lopez, granted an extension on a humanitarian basis, so that a disabled woman in England (Jose’s Penpal) would have the opportunity to travel to Texas to witness the execution. The Execution was reseduled for April 7, 2009.

Jose Briseno - Convicted of the murder of Dimmit County Sheriff Ben "Doc" Murray. Murray was killed inside his home following a violent struggle with Briseno and accomplice Alberto Gonzalez. The sheriff suffered numerous stab wounds inflicted with a butcher knife found buried in his chest. He had also been shot once in the head. Briseno and Gonzalez reportedly killed Murray to avenge previous arrests he had made against them.

Dale Wayne Eaton - Scheduled for DECEMBER 19 - Wyoming 


Dale Wayne Eaton - Stayed - Fourteen years after the murder, investigators got a match on DNA recovered from the victims remains. It was matched with Dale Eaton, who was in federal prison in Colorado. later they unearthed Lisa Kimmel's car on his property in Moneta, Wyoming. He was charged, tried, and convicted of his crimes against Lisa and was sentenced to death In a wrongful death lawsuit, Lisa's parents acquired Eaton's property (where Lisa had been held hostage and murdered). They had the buildings burned down and everything hauled away on July 19, 2005, the day after Lisa's 36th birthday. Her Mom said, "It was a big birthday candle in her memory" 



Pvt. Ronald Gray

Pvt. Ronald Gray - Stayed - Convicted of raping and killing a female Army private and a civilian near his post at Fort Bragg, N.C., and was convicted of the rape and attempted murder of another soldier in her barracks. Military and civilian courts found Gray responsible for the crimes committed between April 1986 and January 1987. 



Antoinette Frank- Stayed - A former New Orleans police officer who committed of one of the most notorious crimes in recent New Orleans history. Convicted for the robbery of a restaurant where she worked as a security guard and the murders of three people (including her partner on the police force, who was also a security guard at the restaurant).



DAROLD RAY STENSON - Stayed - Convicted on August 11, 1994 for the shooting deaths of his wife, Denise Ann Stenson, and his business partner, Frank Clement Hoerner on March 25, 1993 in Clallam County.


Clayton Ellington - Scheduled for DECEMBER 2 -GEORGIA

Clayton Ellington - Stayed - Convicted for the brutal murders of his wife and twin sons. Just before a judge sentenced Clayton Ellington, Earl Bradford jumped forward and bashed the convicted hammer killer a few times in the head before being subdued by deputies. Earl Bradford who was related to Clayton Ellington wife faces a simple battery charge.


Rogelio Reyes Cannady - Scheduled for NOVEMBER 19 -Texas

Rogelio Cannady - Stayed - His execution date was withdrawn Monday by state District Judge Ronald Yeager. Cannady's recently appointed appeals lawyer asked for more time to review the case, and the judge agreed.

Convicted for killing a 55-year-old Texas prison inmate inside a medium custody housing area at the McConnell Unit in Beeville. The victim (Cannady's cellmate) was beaten with a steel lock attached to a belt and kicked repeatedly in the head with steel-toed boots. The victim died two days later. Cannady was the first Texas prison inmate to be prosecuted under a 1993 statute that allows for capital murder convictions if the offender is serving 99 years or life as a result of previous murder convictions.


Wayne Tompkins - Scheduled for NOVEMBER 18 - Florida

Wayne Tompkins - Executed (11/02/09) - Convicted for killing 15 year old Lisa DeCarr, when she resisted his efforts to rape her, whose mother he was living with. Two years later, he told a cellmate he attempted to have sexual intercourse with her, but she fought him, so he strangled her and buried her under the house, where her body was found in a pink bathrobe. 


Eric Cathey - Scheduled for NOVEMBER 18 - Texas

Eric Dwayne Cathey - Stayed - Convicted of the September 1995 abduction and murder of Christina Castillo in Houston. Cathey and several others abducted Castillo from the parking lot of her apartment complex and attempted to force her to tell them about her boyfriend's drug and money dealings. When Castillo refused to give them any information, she was driven to a vacant lot and shot three times in the head.