This page will display how the site is doing and I will post future additions or projects to be included on the site. If you have any suggestions for Death Penalty Fence Sitters, please feel free to contact me at the E-mail at the bottom of this page.



I started this site in Oct. 2007. After a few weeks of work I left it for a year (No updates). I re-visited the site in Nov. 2008 and began working on the site again. As you can see by the 2 following graphs, site visits have had a major increase in traffic (57% of all visits occurred in the months of Nov. 08 - Jan. 09). I am working on increasing daily traffic to this site by 15% - 25% by the end of June.

Associated with this web site is a discussion forum. I must admit that other than news updates, I have ignored this part of the project. This is due to 2 main factors:

1) Concentrating on improving the web site

2) I returned to school last Sept. and have not had the time to increase membership of the forum

I am planning on working on the forum upon completion of this semester, and making it a more interesting place to discuss this controversial subject.





PAST EXECUTIONS - (as of 31/01/09) this project will detail all Post Furman Executions, including a brief description of the crime, last statement, last meal, victim statements (if available) and complications. After I have completed all years I will write more details about the crimes the inmate committed.


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