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MAY 2009



Donald Gilson




Shane Coffman 



Donald Lee Gilson - Delayed / Executed- Convicted of murder in the 1995 beating death of his girlfriend's son, Shane Coffman (8). Coffman's body was discovered in a freezer behind Gilson's mobile home in almost six months after he disappeared. Shane’s body was found Feb. 9, 1996, in a freezer behind Gilson’s trailer, investigators believe Shane died about Aug. 17, 1995. A medical examiner’s report found Shane had acute fractures to his left jaw and right cheek, a cracked upper incisor, fractures to his left collarbone, several fractured ribs and a fractured leg. During Gilson’s trial, the child’s mother, Bertha Coffman, testified Gilson repeatedly abused her son and his four siblings. She was convicted of first-degree child abuse murder and sentenced to life without parole.

Last Statement - I'm an innocent man but ... I get to go to heaven and I'll see Shane tonight

Last Meal - Cheeseburger, chili-cheese french fries and a chocolate shake from Chili's restaurant

Pronounced dead at 6:19 pm CST.




Thomas Treshawn Ivey


Thomas Ivey - Executed - Convicted of killing officer Thomas Harrison. Ivey had escaped from a jail in Clayton, Ala., just days before he came to South Carolina in January 1993. Ivey and fellow escapee Vincent Neuman kidnapped and killed a Columbia businessman two days before Orangeburg police officer Thomas Harrison was shot to death. Harrison was killed as he responded to a report of someone trying to pass a stolen check at the Prince of Orange Mall. The officer questioned both Ivey and Neuman, but let Ivey go when he realized he wasn't trying to use the check. Neuman was trying to use the check. Ivey told police a .357 Magnum in his pocket fired accidentally as he walked away, and the bullet ricocheted off the floor, hitting Harrison in the leg. Ivey said he then panicked, shooting the officer five more times, according to court records.

Last statement - He made no final statement and moved very little during the entire lethal injection process.  According the State Department of Corrections, Ivey tried cutting his throat with a razor prior to the execution. He stayed restrained until he was put to death.

Last Meal - Pizza and Doughnuts

Pronounced dead at 6:15 pm EST.



May 14 - ALABAMA

Willie McNair


Ella Foy Riley


Willie McNair - Executed - McNair asked Riley to borrow $20. When she said she had none, he asked for a glass of water, McNair then grabbed her by the neck and stabbed her in the throat. When the blade of the knife broke off in Riley’s neck, the other man with McNair grabbed a second knife and McNair stabbed Riley a second time. Evidence also showed McNair strangled Riley, who struggled for several minutes as she bled to death, according to King’s statement. After the murder McNair stole Riley’s purse.

Last Statement - None

Last Meal - None requested

Pronounced dead at 6:12 pm EST.



May 19 -TEXAS

Michael Lynn Riley



Michael Riley - Executed - Convicted of the robbery-slaying of  Wynona Lynn Harris (23), a clerk at the Shop-a-Minit convenience store. On February 1, 1986, Riley, a Dallas County native, went to a convenience store in Quitman. Armed with a butcher knife, Riley approached store clerk Winona as she was counting money by the cash register and stabbed her thirty-one times. Later in the day, Riley went to the sheriff’s office and explained that he had been told by an unknown person to come in and talk to a deputy about the clerk’s slaying. In response to initial questions, Riley volunteered that he had not been to the store that day. Riley then left the sheriff’s office. After later evidence emerged placing Riley at the store that morning, authorities brought Riley back to the office for further questioning, which led to the discovery of bloodstained coveralls containing $970 that were hidden under some brush in a field close to Riley’s house. Riley confessed to the crime.



JUNE 2009



June 2 - TEXAS

Terry Hankins

Terry Lee Hankins - Confessed to killing five relatives, convicted for fatally shooting his two stepchildren while they slept. Hankins shot of Kevin Galley (12) and Ashley Mason (11). Their bodies, and the body of their mother, Tammy Hankins (34), were found in their mobile home in Mansfield, about 20 miles southeast of Fort Worth. After Hankins was arrested in August 2001, he told police where to find the decomposing bodies of his father and half-sister, with whom he had a child and was expecting another. He said he fatally shot Earnie Hankins (55) and bludgeoned Pearl "Sissy" Sevenstar (20), in the fall of 2000. According to court documents, he lied about his sister's whereabouts, saying he had sent her to a home for pregnant mentally challenged women. However, he had stored her body in a plastic ice chest, then hid it in a car at his father's auto shop. He told people his father had moved out of state "when in fact his father's mummified remains were in his trailer surrounded by air fresheners."


 June 3 - Tennessee

James Dillinger



James Dellinger - Convicted in 1992 in the shooting death of Tommy Griffin, whose body was found Feb. 24, 1992, at a spot on the Little River known as the Blue Hole. Griffin’s sister, Connie Branam, who had accompanied Dellinger and his co-defendant in Griffin’s killing in a search for her missing brother, was found dead four days after Griffin in her burned-out vehicle in Sevier County. The case was a high-profile one in Blount County. Dellinger and Gary Wayne Sutton were found guilty and sentenced to death.



June 3 - Ohio

Daniel Wilson

Daniel E. Wilson - Convicted of kidnapping and killing Carol Lutz (24) after she gave him a ride home from a bar. Wilson locked her in the trunk of her car, punctured the car’s gas tank, stuffed a rag into the tank and set the car on fire, killing Lutz.



 June 11 - ALABAMA

Jack Trawick

Jack Trawick - Convicted of the 1992 abduction and slaying of  Stephanie Gach (21) and the 1995 of murder of Aileen Pruitt (27), both of Birmingham. He received the death penalty for the killing of Ms. Gach. Trawick is also known for his graphic writings on the internet about his crimes. Over the years his sexually violent writings being displayed on the Internet, which describe raping and killing

JULY 2009

July 14 - OHIO

John Fauntenberry 


John Fauntenberry - Convicted of a multi-state killing spree in 1991 that included the slaying of a truck driver in Ohio. Fautenberry, admitted on the eve of his trial in New Jersey to the February 1991 killing of Gary Farmer, a 26-year-old long-haul truck driver. He was sentenced to life in prison in New Jersey, but by that time had already been sentenced to death in Ohio for another murder. Fautenberry was also convicted of murder in Alaska and linked to two other slayings in Oregon. Oregon authorities did not charge Fautenberry because Ohio investigators had already taken the lead on the case.

July 16 - TEXAS

Kenneth Mosley

Kenneth Mosley - Convicted for the murder of a male polive officer. On February 15, 1997, Mosley murdered a white male police officer while attempting to rob a bank in Garland. Employees called police after noticing Mosley inside the bank acting suspicious. As one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, the victim entered the bank in full uniform and approached Mosley, noticing that the would-be bandit had his hand stuck in his waistband. When the officer told Mosley to show him his hands, a struggle ensued and the two crashed through a glass window. Witnesses heard several shots fired before Mosley re-entered the bank through the broken window and was shot in the wrist after flashing his pistol at a second police officer. The victim died the afternoon of the shooting. He suffered at least four bullet wounds to the torso.


August 18 - OHIO

Jason Getsy 



Jason Getsy – Convicted for the slaying of a woman in a murder-for-hire scheme in Trumbull County. Getsy was hired by John Santine to kill Charles "Chuckie" Serafino, a business rival. But when Getsy went to Serafino's home in Hubbard, he only wounded Serafino and killed his mother, Ann Serafino (68). Santine was convicted of aggravated murder and sentenced to life in prison.

August 20 - TEXAS

David L. Wood

David Wood - Convicted of the abduction and stabbing death of Ivy Williams, 24, of El Paso. Williams was one of six woman found murdered in the desert around El Paso between June and August 1987. Wood was also indicted in the other murders.




December 9 - Tennessee

Devin Banks



Devin Earl Banks - Convicted for killing a friend and severely wounding a second man who was left for dead in the driveway of his home during a robbery, because he felt the two had cheated him out of money. He was sentenced to death for the 2002 killing of Kadhem Al-Maily (36) and 50 years in prison for robbery and the attempted murder of Hussain Atilebawi (39). Both victims were immigrants from Iraq who lived and worked in Memphis. The justices set Banks’ execution date for Dec. 9, although more appeals are likely.