Death Penalty Fence Sitters

The death penalty is a very divisive subject, some are against it (ANTI) some support it (PRO), but the reasons are almost as vast as this universe we live in. The punishment of the death penalty brings out opinions from people of all types with very different views on the subject.

The ANTI Death Penalty faction has one united belief, the death penalty is wrong, but their reason for believing this vary greatly. 

Some of the typical reasons are as follows:


  • Ethical
  • Human Rights and The Right To Life
  • Wrongful Convictions / Executing an Innocent Person
  • Brutalizing Effect Upon Society
  • Discrimination and Racial Bias
  • Economics of the Death Penalty


The PRO Death Penalty Faction also has a united belief, the death penalty is Just, but even their supporters have difficulties on the focus of their beliefs. Pro Death Penalty supporters range from the punishment being applied to the absolute worse murderers through it being applied to every murderer (and some child rapists also). The PRO faction does not have as many independent groups supporting their beliefs (although there are some), but rely on the law. 

Some of the typical reasons are as follows:


  • It Is The Law
  • Eye For An Eye
  • Deterrence and / or Prevention


Although people on both sides will ceaseless argue the merits of the Death Penalty, it is really a choice that all of society has to make. Many democratic countries have abolished the death penalty even though in some of these countries, the majority of thr population still supports this punishemnt. Of the countries that still have the death penalty, the United States seems to be where the battle of the 2 sides are solely directed. This is presumably because the United States is such an important country in the newly found global society.