News: Death of the Vele was play tested at Gencon 2012, at First Exposure.

New Style did a podcast interview about Death of the Vele.

If you need to contact me, my email is bill dot burdick at gmail dot com.

Here is the overview, here are the current rules, and here is a quick reference document as of Sept 27, 2012
Note: The rules are in a bit of a state of disarray -- there is a section of new mechanics in the middle of the document (before the scenario) that haven't been integrated into the main text.  We're working on some new, updated example scenarios to replace the current one.

The play test Google Docs folder is here.  I'll try to keep the rules attachment here up-to-date, but you can check that folder for a more recent copy. 

The rules to Death of the Vele are also in the "Attachments" section at the bottom of the page.  Death of the Vele is a collaborative role playing game with the feel of a traditional role playing game -- you play a PC and a set of NPCs and you're invested in them because, even though the game is collaborative, those characters are yours; no one else gets to control them. Death of the Vele has a back story but the players choose the setting/genre and it supports campaign-length stories. Here's a list of game features:
  • Collaborative, but feels like a traditional RPG
  • Your characters are yours
  • Supports campaign-length stories
  • Game play stays at the table
  • Characters don’t always do their best -- sometimes they have an off-day, even if their stats say they’re fine, but this is your decision
  • The Right of Challenge -- if the other players don’t buy it, you can’t do it
  • Show, don’t tell -- a lot of communication happens through scenes and events
  • Answer questions with scenes -- if players want to know, scenes reveal the answer
  • Characters are naturally “woven together”
  • Your characters will get the spotlight
  • Supports visiting gamers

2012 June 7 -- lot of improvements; conflicts are noticeably faster and also have more options

  • Replaced Knowledge Traits with Abilities
  • Spending limit of only one FP per scene
  • Trait types
  • Semi-applicable traits
  • Replenishing dice after scenes
  • Hidden rolls
  • Dramatic tone

2012 February 29

  • Moved group and spotlight creation to during the act, instead of at act creation

2012 February 27

  • Added a slew of rules to the "additional rules" section
  • Haven't integrated them into the main text, yet

2011 November 3

  • Clarified control attack rules even more
  • Added blocking actions

2011 September 14

  • Clarification of how defensive allies work
  • Rewrite of control attack rules

2011 August 31

  • New section: "Statement Trumps Intent" on what you intended vs what you actually said
  • Milestones: structure for acts
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