They were the greatest culture the world had seen, compassionate and scholarly.

They were masters of art, science, engineering, academics, and the martial arts.

They were destroyed in a single night by a barbarian culture they sought to aid.

Death of the Vele is a collaborative role playing game with the feel of a traditional role playing game

  • Players wrestle with morality, ethics, and difficult situations

    • Characters live in a persecuted world

    • Powerful characters sometimes find themselves powerless

  • Supports emergent, party-based, campaign-style stories ("Story now")

    • No outside preparation for stories

    • Players work together at the table to create the story and flesh out the world

    • Branching storylines lead to unexpected scenarios

    • Players both collectively and individually discover the outcome of their decisions and the fates of their characters

  • Fully collaborative

    • Each player has their own PC and set of NPCs -- no one else controls them without permission

    • All of the players share creative control

    • Players trade off being Narrator

    • Players work together, perhaps with friendly adversity

Here is an overview of the world.

[These rules are obsolete] Game Rules as of June 7, 2012 -- for the new rules, please contact me at bill dot burdick at gmail dot com.

 News: Death of the Vele was play tested at Gencon 2012, at First Exposure.  The play testers provided a lot of really good feedback and suggestions and I'm working on a rewrite of the rules, taking into account those things.

New Style did a podcast interview about Death of the Vele