Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale, an East York, Ontario-based band, is the name of Jesse F. Keeler’s solo side-project to Death From Above 1979. It is considered to have a more hardcore sound than Death From Above 1979. Jesse plays all the instruments, does all the vocals, and writes all the songs on each recording. Femme Fatale is not dead and will always be a side project to JFK. Keeler says he writes Femme Fatale whenever possible. Although Femme Fatale is seen as a side project of Death From Above 1979 it didn't start out that way. Jesse F. Keeler was in a band that became on the verge of breaking up, so Jesse worked by himself on Femme Fatale. When recording Fire Baptism, Jesse was looking for a more skilled drummer than himself and came across Sebastien Grainger, which led to the birth of Death From Above 1979. Al-P recorded all the Femme Fatale and Death From Above 1979 albums and that's how Jesse F. Keeler's other side-project, MSTRKRFT became. Femme Fatale is two bands in the sense that when recording albums, Jesse F. Keeler does all the instruments and sings all the songs while when playing live; Femme Fatale is a full, five-member band. (It might look similar to the Wikipedia page because I made the entire Femme Fatale Wikipedia page, so it's my work, I can re-copy it.)

Word of a 4th Femme Fatale album has been spreading, and has been confirmed by JFK.