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Above, me holding my true love in 1998...
I was 20, left
i was 19, above, with my brother Trevor, now sadly not with us anymore.  He's the prick showing you the gut that has since grown nigh unto exponentially...
Hey there, anyone with eyes who is googling me! Why did you bother?  Only you know the answer to that query...Oh well.  This is my website via google.  You may ask why my domain is called Death2udeath.  You may not care enough to ask.  Regardless, as I live to please, I answer...
It is something my friends and I used to say to each other long ago.  It, like so many other things in life, began rather innocuously (cue the doo-doo-doo-lu, doo-doo-doo-loo flashback music, waynes world style...)
This "friend" of mine shaved off my eyebrow one new years eve.  This perfidous perpetration penultimately ended said friendship; and had me saying, "Death To Bailey!" all the time.
Even when it wasn't really relevant, appropriate, or whatever. 
From there--once I calmed down--I even had a zippo lighter inscribed Death to Bailey: I took that shit seriously!!--it just kinda turned into a, "Death to you, Death!!!" anytime someone hindered me, be it jokingly or seriously.  For example, if I lost to a friend at Risk, it was Death to you, death! 
You get the general idea.
Anyhow, this is where I blog from time to time.  Sometimes I'll rant about life.  Sometimes about my habs.  Still other times I'll share some rather disorganized opinions about books and movies from my POV.  I don't care who, if anyone reads this, or what they think of me afterwards.  Still, all are free to comment in the little boxes at the bottom of each page, should they so desire...it's what they are there for, after all.
So, enjoy...or don't.  I care not, either way; this is for me, not you!
Below is my psycho cat and best buddy...Evil Cat Scum.  That IS her name, y'all!