Rupa Bhatt

UI-Usability Expert, UI Architect, Creative Expert, Usability Engineer


I have through knowledge of software like Flash, Director, Dreamweaver (HTML/XHTML, CSS), Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, etc. My experience consists of Animations, Logos, Designing structures for web portals, Creating Presentations, Web Development, training, etc.

Also I have knowledge of scripting languages like JavaScript, ASP and SQL database. And have working Knowledge of ASP.Net.

Having through knowledge of User centered design process, Web 2.0 style, Usabillity practices, Cross platform testing, Style guide development and Web standards.

Were by I see to the following things:

  • Responsible for ensuring that a project meets its objectives, delivers the projected benefits, maintains its business focus and is well managed with clear authority, context and control of risk.
  • Responsible to keep respective teams focused on the achievement of the desired business outcomes and to be open with each other as to issues, problems, constraints and politics within their respective groups.
  • Establishing and maintaining a relationship with the customer that best suits the nature of the business, change programme and deliver according to the culture of the customer and supplier organizations.

Please click RoopaBhatt_latestResume_050707.doc to download in word formate.

You ca reach me at or 09898247361