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Proper tree care can be a massive task maintaining all the trees on your property. You should always contract a tress service company when possible. You will not only keep up an appearance that is eye catching but also add considerable value to your property. Neglected trees can be a significant liability if it has gotten unhealthy or is dead. Trees and plants are a common cause of bad blood between neighbours; when branches or parts of the tree encroach from a neighbour's property. The last thing you want to anticipate yourself in court for a leaning tree because they are harmful if they threaten the general public. Trees are removed occasionally because of myriad of reasons:

Services that Dear Green Tree service offers in the Glasgow area.

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Trimming procedures include eliminating limbs that;

  • Get in the way of utilities or structures.
  • Obstruct sidewalks
  • Decayed ,weak and create unacceptable risk
  • Are pest-infected
  •  Damaged by rainstorm
  • Will increase light penetration and decrease
  • Other pruning procedures are used to manage proper structures in young trees, enhance tree shape and reduce the probability of future damage during storm events.

tree service glasgow

Tree removal Glasgow

 Tree removal is always the last resort but there certain circumstances when it is necessary.  An arborist can aid in making a decision whether a tree should be removed. Removal is advised when the tree is:

  • Dead or decayed
  • Cause of unacceptable risk
  • Causing a shadow that is impossible to correct with pruning
  • Causing harm to other more desirable plants.
  • Situated in an area where new construction calls for eradicating

Tree service Glasgow

Emergency Tree Care

Crisis brought about by storms cause limbs or the entire tree to fall, often landing on cars, other trees or buildings. The weight of storm damaged trees is great and trimming would not be an option. An aborist can perform the job in a professional manner while reducing the risk of damage to property.


Some are qualified to plant trees and most can recommend species that are appropriate for that particular site, taking into account of growing spaces, pests and diseases or poor growth.

Other mature tree care services include:
  • Preventive maintenance to keep trees in good form while reducing any pests and diseases
  • Soil modification for improved tree health
  • Bracing for added support to branches with weak attachments
  • Soil ventilation to improve root growth
  • Setting up of lighting protection arrangement
  • Applications to mange certain pest problems
  • Consulting legal expert services related to plants and trees.

Having trouble with stuck stumps, falling trees, damage pavements can get nerve wrecking. The service is essential if the tree is to stay robust and dependable. Not all trees are alike and individuals do not have to learn the variations as our service professional recognize exactly what the tree requires no matter what kind it may be. Any likely effect of removing or trimming the tree on ground stability, the water table or run off. We have a distinction for performing virtually any contract even an impossible operations in record time. The experience and qualifications of our tree workers for speciality tree service guides us to use the best hardware to get those unsightly, annoying stamps away. We provide knowledgeable tree trimming to guarantee our client's trees remain beautiful, safe and eye-catching while you are contended.


Dear Green Tree Service Glasgow

Glasgow has a high mass of trees compared to other cities in England and Scotland. Canopy cover in Glasgow is also high compared to the average in England but fewer in neighbouring Edinburgh. Glasgow has a high percentage of trees, however, a lack of medium sized trees puts this at risk in the future. Glasgow's urban forest has an estimated tree population of two million. The three widespread species are ash, alder, and hawthorn. The other ten moat common species of oak, sycamore, Birch, goat willow, silver birch account for 63% of the population. The highest diversity of trees is found in residential areas and parks.

The native of tree species impacts their capacity to resist pests and diseases. The emergence of pests and disease such as chalara ash dieback and the prolonged drought due to change in climate change, these aspects are leading to some authority to mull over the replacement with exotic species. Exotic species have a propensity to fewer pests associated with them. Trees from warmer climates may also endure the effects of climate change better. However, there is an ongoing debate about whether these benefits prevail over the cost of planting exotic trees.
Trees that will never attain a maximum height of 10 metres (small stature) make up 29% of Glasgow's tree population. Small trees have their highest proportion in parks on vacant and institutional and in transport quarters. Large trees are highest in percentage in residential land.

Trees are very important in the ecosystem as they ensure to avoid surface water run off. The infrastructure required to rid off surface water from cities is dear. This means events of large storms and or failed pipes, surface water may not be removed quickly hence causing a damage to property. Trees can alleviate this issue by catching rain water, retaining it. The trees in Glasgow grasp an estimated 812,000 cubic metres of water per year. This would save millions in sewerage charges.

Tree service Glasgow


Elimination of Air pollution

Air contamination leads to a reduction in human health, a decrease in the quality of ecosystem and it can dent buildings with acid rain. Health effects include:

  • Shortness of breath, chest aches
  • Inflammation to respiratory tracts
  • Damages lung function

Trees and shrubs can alleviate the effects of air pollution by directly reducing airborne pollutants as well a lessen temperatures. However, trees can also supply to ozone production by releasing volatile organic compounds. Although trees emit their removal is far less than produce.
Glasgow's urban forest gives off indispensable ecosystem services and improves the quality of life for local dwellers making it an important asset to the area. After small stature trees had been removed Glasgow has countless number of large diameter trees important because they tend to produce more ecosystem services and provide more territory for wildlife. Pests and diseases such as phytophthora spp are present in the city but only targeting a small number of current tree stocks. Not all benefits provided by trees could be quantified, including the consequence trees have on noise pollution.

tree service glasgow

Dear Green Tree Service Glasgow

An arborist is a person who is knowledgeable and gives advice on urban and suburban trees, basically, trees in towns and cities where people reside, work and play. It should be someone who shows special skill or knowledge that is far above that of an average person who is not trained nor has no experience whatsoever. An arborist is not a forester. A forester is a person who is in the science, art, and profession of managing forests. An arborist is not necessarily the same as that person who works for a tree service; referred to as tree workers. Tree workers do the actual physical work. An arborist may work, run or own a tree service but not all tree services include arborists.
What kind of arborists is out there?

  • Certified arborist: Is an arborist certified through the ISA after passing tests and demonstrating skill and knowledge about urban and      suburban trees and their management. This is someone with over 3 years of eligible practical work experience in arboriculture.
    No formal degree is required although it can be suitable for the job experience.
  • Board of certified Master Arborist: Meets higher eligibility requirements by passing a more comprehensive examination. Basically, they     have reached the peak of their profession. No formal degree required although can stand in for the work experience.
  • Other ISA Arborist: Municipal and utility specialist.   
  • ISA qualification: This includes a specifically designed learning event followed by tests to confirm you have attained the intended              outcome.    
  • Tree worker certification: This is for workers who work for tree services and do actual physical work of trimming or pruning. They should  be able to get the job done professionally. This includes the ability to operate state of the art appliances.

       2) American society of consulting Arborist
  • Member, ASCA : At least seven years experience in arboriculture.
  • Registered consulting Arborist : Is a consulting arborist registered through the ASCA. They should have a more comprehensive knowledge of arboriculture both in verbal and writing.

    3) Other Arborist titles
  • City aborist: General responsible for city-owned trees only, sometimes gets involved in residential or commercial development projects. They are designated by a municipal entity.
  • Project arborist: Appointed to be in charge of arborist services for the project. Should be an able to assist with tree related issues that arise during the project.

Reported cases of false documentation are something you should be wary off, you can verify the qualifications and certification on ISA website.

Tree Service Glasgow

Appointing an arborist is an option that should not be taken lightly. - Don't be afraid to ask questions such as:

  • Start and completion dates
  • Who will be accountable for clean-up? Most of tree removal services dispose of the debris from the project leaving your garden neat and tidy. Ensure that every aspect of the job is completed effectively, professionally and with the at most care of the trees involved.
  • Total price? Instead of a pricing system which does not account for project differences, make sure you are charged just the right amount for your work. Look for tree service that has reasonable quotes. However do not always accept low bids, determine the best combination of work, skill and professionalism. Be on the look out for door to door services most renowned companies are too busy to solicit work in that approach.
  • Find out the terms of the payment
  • If more work is needed what is the hourly rate?
  • Check for necessary permits and licenses.
  • Ask for references and rating, find out where the company has done similar tree work. Having verbal information of a company is one thing doing the actual work is another. If possible check for ratings on their website or enquire from previous customers 3-4 people that can vouch for them , be wary of a company that is hesitant .When calling references be polite and clear about the kind of work you plan on getting ask whether it will be worth working with them and how much they were charged.
  • Get it in writing. Most reputable tree work services will ask you to sign a contract.
  • Find out their expertise. Tree cutting companies vary, it is best to find the companies workers experience and the kind of equipment, this will certainly aid you when trying to figure who to appoint.

Tree Service Glasgow