by Dr. Sheila Embry & Laquita Havens

Have you ever felt led to write about the memories of blessings God chose just for you at just the right moment? That is what two cousins, did. How did three daffodils bless Laquita’s dying grandmother, and how did they find their way to her? How did a family of deer bring peace to Dr. Sheila at Christmas, conquering haunting memories of Christmas' past? These two stories and twenty-two others will bring you to a closer walk with God, who is always with us in the past, present and future, if we open our lives to Him. 
                            Mrs. Havens has a gift for religious short stories.                         
Dr. Embry has one consistent problem with each of her stories; they ended.”     
                                ~~ Nancy McHugh, Mission Viejo, Californ ia