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 Dear 15 Year Old Me - Letters of Hope for LGBT Teens
Being a teenager is tough, to say the least, but for many LGBT teens, it is the most painful time in their lives. Often, these kids are just beginning to understand and accept their sexual orientation or gender identity for themselves, and they’re doing so in a world filled with dangerous bullying and venomous homophobia and transphobia. How can they uncover their true selves when doing so could mean hateful emotional attacks, or even the possibility of physical harm?

We want to offer these young people hope by sharing with them stories about how, not only does it get better…not only will they survive, but it can be better NOW, and they can thrive.  

Will it be easy for them? No, there will be struggles, to be sure. But by sharing your story of survival, perhaps you can inspire a young person to hold on when they want to give up. It could be the letter that YOU write that will help them find a way to cope with the loneliness, the alienation and the heartache of defining themselves in a world that says they aren’t worth definition. Your story of survival could save a life.

If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender adult, please consider adding your letter to our project. In time, we hope to have enough letters to publish a book that could become a valuable resource for LGBT youth around the world.