Welcome to the Drawing and Painting Program at Henry M. Gunn High School!
Instructor: Deanna Messinger

Overview: This program builds upon itself through the following recommended course requirements, in order:

  • Art Spectrum—the foundation for Fine Art Programs, currently taught by Deanna Messinger, Mark Gleason and Jordan King
For the Advanced courses a lab donation is requested at the beginning of the year to help with the cost of high quality art materials. See Program Needs
  • Drawing and Painting—the foundation of the Drawing and Painting Program; fundamentals in drawing and painting technical and expressive skills
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting 1—the Portfolio Preparedness course that focuses on personal expression and expanding on a variety of media use and visual communication
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting 2 and AP Studio Art-Drawing—Self-Directed curricula with full access to studio and materials that continues to build a full body of portfolio work, for college, AP Studio Art College Board submission, or personal development

Email: dmessinger@pausd.org
School address: Henry M. Gunn High School, Visual Art Department, 780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94306
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