E. Stanley Jones books

E. Stanley Jones (1884-1973) is the most remarkable Christian leader you've probably not heard of. A Methodist missionary evangelist to India, he wrote 28 books--some of which sold a million copies despite the Depression. His first 365-day devotional (1936) was Victorious Living, which I have updated for today. Published by Summerside Press.
His second devotional, Abundant Living, came out in 1942 and was even more popular than the first. This one too has been updated for today and published by Summerside Press.
His third (and favorite) devotional, The Way, appeared in 1946. "The way to live," he says, "is not merely written in sacred books, but it it also written into our blood, our nerves, our tissues, our organs.... It is not imposed but exposed--exposed from our very make-up." As we cooperate with this Way, we flourish. When we veer into what Jones calls "not-the-way," we deteriorate. Updated and released in 2011.