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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Snowed By Snowden: Identifying A Marxist False Opposition 'Whistleblower'
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How did Edward Snowden fly directly from Hawaii International Airport to Hong Kong, a city under the de facto control of Beijing? Those holding Top Secret clearance, as did Snowden, can’t fly to locations controlled by Marxist governments unless they’re cleared for such travel, otherwise TSA computers flags the passport of the Top Secret holding traveler, immediately alerting FBI Counterintelligence of the incident. The offending traveler is then detained by TSA until the FBI arrives for the pickup and subsequent interrogation.

Hong Kong's defense and foreign affairs are administered directly by Beijing, and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong is 'elected' by a 1,993 member committee that is heavily weighted to do Beijing's
bidding. The Chief Executive also appoints (and dismisses) judges, and appoints government officials, such as the head of police, providing Beijing with indirect control of Hong Kong's domestic scene. So then, how did Edward Snowden fly directly from Hawaii to a de facto Communist location without his passport being flagged by TSA computers, and TSA computers then failing to notify FBI Counterintelligence computers? Those holding Top Secret clearance can't travel to a Communist location unless given permission to.

The Edward Snowden operation is a perfect example of the Marxist tactic called the 'Scissors Strategy'.
Marxists utilize the tactic of employing false oppositions, more commonly referred to by Marxists as the Scissors Strategy, in which the blades represent the two falsely opposed sides that converge on the confused victims, neutralizing true opposition to socialism, thereby allowing the advancement of socialism to the bewilderment of the true opposition. The Snowden operation was mounted by the Marxist co-opted political establishment in the West in order to produce an unfavorable image of the United States and the West in the eyes of the world, thereby bringing into being the Marxist grand objective of ‘convergence’ between Europe and the 'former' USSR (with China joining, after the fraudulent collapse of the Marxist regime in Beijing*), a union meant to replace the European Union after its manufactured collapse, thereby isolating the United States both politically and economically:

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Soviet minister of foreign affairs Eduard Shevardnadze on the upcoming new European union with Russia:

"Editor's Note: The phrases 'From the Atlantic to the Urals', 'From the Atlantic to Vladivostok' and 'From Vancouver to Vladivostok' are interchangeable in the strategists' lexicon. In the course of his Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, delivered in Oslo in June 1992, Gorbachev said: 'Our [sic] vision of the European space from the Atlantic to the Urals is not that of a closed system. Since it includes the Soviet Union [sic], which reaches to the shores of the Pacific, it goes beyond nominal geographical boundaries'. Note that Gorbachev, who had been out of office for six months, referred to the Soviet Union, not Russia. In an interview on Moscow Television on 19 November 1991, Eduard Shevardnadze continued speaking as though he was still Soviet Foreign Minister: 'I think that the idea of a Common European Home, the building of a united Europe, and I would like to underline today, of great Europe, the building of Great Europe, great, united Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, from the Atlantic to Vladivostok, including all our territory, most probably a European-Asian space, this project is inevitable. I am sure that we will come to building a united military space as well. To say more precisely: we will build a united Europe, whose security will be based on the principles of collective security. Precisely, collective security'. These statements by key implementers of the strategy reflect the central strategic objective of asserting 'irreversible' Russian/Soviet hegemony over Eurasia, thus establishing the primary geographical component of the intended World Government."

Comrade Gorbachev [in 1992], meet Vladimir Putin [in 2012]…

Russia is an inalienable and organic part of Greater Europe and European civilization. Our citizens think of themselves as Europeans. We are by no means indifferent to developments in united Europe...That is why Russia proposes moving toward the creation of a common economic and human space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean - a community referred by Russian experts to as 'the Union of Europe,' which will strengthen Russia's potential and position in its economic pivot toward the "new Asia.
* “Since at least the early 1970s, the Communist party of China has been poised to create a spectacular but controlled “democratization” at any appropriate time. The party had by then spent two decades consolidating its power, building a network of informants and agents that permeate every aspect of Chinese life, both in the cities and in the countryside. Government control is now so complete that it will not be seriously disturbed by free speech and democratic elections; power can now be exerted through the all-pervasive but largely invisible infrastructure of control. A transition to an apparently new system, using dialectical tactics, is now starting to occur.


A campaign for a new system of World Government will be launched at Summit level and will be accompanied by pressure from below, the active use of agents of influence and secret assassinations of leaders who are seen as obstacles. The campaign will come as a surprise to the US Administration. In the ensuing negotiations, the US President of the day will find himself facing a combined pressure from the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese will by then have adopted a ‘reformed’, pseudo-democratic system.