Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Playing Hide And Seek In Yugoslavia

During the period of ’glasnost’ Soviet authorities released false numbers for communist party membership. However, those fudged numbers weren’t what one would expect. Instead of attempting to shore up a crumbling political establishment by inflating communist party membership, Soviet authorities instead deflated the real numbers in order to give credence to a ’collapsing’ political system; communist party membership continued to climb throughout  the ‘glasnost’ period, as detailed in the article, House of Cards: The Collapse of the 'Collapse' of the USSR.

The same subterfuge was taking place in the East Bloc nations, as illustrated in the case of Yugoslavia. The Library of Congress Federal Research Division 1990 Area Handbook Series study on Yugoslavia informs us regarding the League of Communists of Yugoslavia (LCY), the name of Yugoslavia‘s sole political party:

              LCY membership decreased slightly in the 1980s. The last increase
               was recorded in 1982, and in 1988 membership fell below 2 million
                                        for the first time since 1979.1

The Library of Congress informs us that the last increase in LCY membership occurred in 1982 and that the actual number fell below 2 million in 1988. Since the last increase in LCY membership took place in 1982, then  LCY membership couldn’t rise above its “below 2 million’ figure after 1988, unless, of course, the figures presented were being manipulated. And manipulated the figures were.

Incredibly in the same study the Library of Congress has access to the real numbers for LCY membership, inadvertently included in the study’s coverage of the LCY’s 1990 Fourteenth Party Congress:

  The Fourteenth Party Congress included 1,688 delegates, of
        which 994 were elected by local commune party conferences (1
                                        delegate per 2,000 party members).2

So let’s do the math to determine if the LCY more or less maintained its “below 2 million” membership number count in 1990…

1,688 X 2,000 = 3,376,000

Wouldn’t you know it, as in the USSR example, in preparation for the fraudulent ‘collapse‘ of communism in Yugoslavia, throughout 1980s LCY membership was massively increasing in numbers, not decreasing as the Marxist co-opted government and media would have us believe.
1. Library of Congress: Federal Research Division 1990 Area Handbook Series: Yugoslavia

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