Wednesday, June 1, 2016
(Updated June 28, 2017)

Cat's In The Cradle: Marxist Sabotage Of Western 

Civilization Begins With The Children

Gender is a synonym for sex (male and female). The first use of the word gender - instead of sex - in the English language took root in the early 1400s. By the beginning of the 20th century the word sex took on more of an erotic nature, so the word gender became more in vogue in polite society. 

The purpose for the human species' duel genders - male and female - is for procreation, after which the mother and father performs the critical function of socializing the offspring into the worlds of both males and females. But in recent decades Marxists have usurped the meaning of the word gender for the purpose of implementing a societal sabotage operation, where gender now has permutations. Any gender confusion on the part of children that is encouraged by the state is proof of the Marxist co-option of the state, since only Marxists would encourage the chaos that results from a child's confusion regarding his/her gender.

What Marxists don't say is that according to studies up to 97.7% of those children afflicted on the issue of their gender/sex eventually get over this psychological disorder (mislabeled as Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder (GID)), proving - for those who forgot their high school biology instruction on the procreative purpose for the human species' sexes - the fraud that is transgender. Marxists are also tight lipped when it comes to the shocking suicide rates for those who do go the full transgender process and take on the appearance  (not the biological gender, that can never be changed) of the opposite sex via sex reassignment surgery (SRS): "...their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable non-transgender population.”* The 20-fold increase in the suicide rate for those who decide on SRS is in permissive Sweden. Of course the suffering continues for those who chose life rather than suicide after SRS. The Marxist societal sabotage operation has even entered the twilight zone where several states (including California, New Jersey and Massachusetts) have been 'persuaded' to “…pass laws barring psychiatrists, even with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a transgender minor."

Children from one-parent homes and children feeling not adequately equipped with the physical body aesthetics society impresses on children via the media are the primary groups expressing confusion regarding their gender. Regarding the first afflicted group, the reinforcing confidence that the missing parent would otherwise provide the gender confused child is missing from the home. Note the Marxist establishment's support for the imbecilic 'same-sex marriage' sabotage operation and 'divorce on demand' sabotage operation. Both Marxist operations also deny children the critical parental male and female socialization inputs required for the child to operate successfully in society with the opposite sex when an adult. The end result for both afflicted groups who feel that their bodies are inadequate for their gender witnesses these children mimicking the traits of the opposite sex, taking on the clothing and other outer physical attributes of the opposite sex. Needless to say, if a child were suffering from anorexia nervosa would we encourage the psychological disability or assist the child to come to terms with the underlying cause for the affliction, thereby curing the child? 

Cultural Tags, Not Gender

What GID children suffer from is a crisis regarding their masculinity/femininity, not their gender. All societies propagate artificial masculine/feminine attributes that the society prizes. Western societies are no different, but in recent times the Western media’s influence on children has given children unrealistic models for what defines masculine/feminine. Those children who don’t meet the media’s artificial ideals for masculinity/femininity confuse those artificial masculine/feminine attributes, instead wrongly believing themselves to be another gender altogether. It should also be noted that children living in stable homes with opposite-sex parents who might be susceptible to confusion regarding their masculinity/femininity, will nevertheless not fall victim to GID, thanks to the confidence they receive at home pertaining to their masculinity/femininity.

To understand what's taking place today in the West one must comprehend the contemporary history that directs our attention to the Marxist co-option of the West beginning one-hundred sixty-eight years ago, after the failed 1848 revolutions that swept Europe.
* It's claimed within the transgender community that one of the study‘s authors, Cecilia Dhejne, says that there's no truth to the 20-fold increase in suicide rates today for SRS recipients, but that isn't what Cecilia Dhejne says at all, "The study as a whole covers the period between 1973 and 2003. If one divides the cohort into two groups, 1973 to 1988 and 1989 to 2003, one observes that for the latter group (1989 – 2003), differences in mortality, suicide attempts and crime disappear." Cecilia Dhejne says, deceptively, differences in mortality disappeared, she never specified suicide, suicide rates being the topic at hand. We obviously have a Marxist caught out by inadvertently telling the truth, so now one of the study's authors is flying a red herring, masking the still higher suicide rates of SRS recipients by stressing their normalized general mortality rate, which leaves us clueless to suicide rates. And the attempts at suicide for SRS recipients have normalized with the general population because the attempts have become more successful, and such attempts at suicide are more successful for SRS recipients than the general population thanks to the handy convenience of the anti-depressive medications SRS recipients have access to and take to commit suicide for their post operative psychological trauma.

The 2011 Swedish study tells us of a 20-fold increase in the suicide rate for SRS recipients, then proceeds to offer recommendations for the shocking suicide rate:

                                This study found substantially higher rates of overall mortality,
                                death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, suicide attempts,
                                and psychiatric hospitalisations in sex-reassigned transsexual
                                individuals compared to a healthy control population. This
                                highlights that post surgical transsexuals are a risk group that
                                need long-term psychiatric and somatic follow-up. Even though
                                surgery and hormonal therapy alleviates gender dysphoria, it is
                                apparently not sufficient to remedy the high rates of morbidity
                                and mortality found among transsexual persons. Improved care
                                for the transsexual group after the sex reassignment should
                                therefore be considered.

Then four years later we're informed by one of the study's authors that there's no difference for suicide rates between SRS recipients and the general population, that the 1989-2003 cohort of SRS recipients has normalized with the general population, but the study refused to include the 1989-2003 cohort data, informing us that the suicide rate for SRS recipients increased between 1989-2003.

A man can't be a women, and a women can't be a man. Nothing can alter one's sex, therefore altering one's gender image will naturally lead to psychological trauma with the realization that a great mistake has been made, leading to higher suicide rates, precisely what Marxists want.


This footnote was posted but never published to the article, Fact check: study shows transition makes trans people suicidal, proving that 'transgender' is a blatantly unscientific fraud.