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The Problem:

When Soviet citizens were liberated from up to seventy-four years of horrific Marxist oppression on December 26, 1991 there were zero celebrations throughout the USSR, proving (1) the ‘collapse’ of the USSR is a strategic ruse; and (2) the political parties of the West were already co-opted by Marxists, otherwise the USSR (and East Bloc nations) couldn't have gotten away with the ruse.

That's zero  celebrations, as the The Atlantic article inadvertently informs us. Notice, however, the Kremlin staged anti-government demonstrations that took place in Russia (and other Soviet republics) in the years immediately preceding the 'collapse', yet zero  celebrations after the 'collapse'!

The Solution:

The West will form new political parties where candidates are vetted for Marxist ideology, the use of the polygraph to be an important tool for such vetting. Then the West can finally liberate the globe of vanguard Communism.  


  Current Article

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

America's Declaration Of Restoration 

Related image

The revolution didn't occur in the thirteen colonies, it occurred in Parliament. The war began with Parliament's Declaratory Act 1 (1766):

“When in 1767 [sic] this modernized British Parliament, committed by now to the principle of parliamentary sovereignty unlimited and unlimitable, issued a declaration that a parliamentary majority could pass any law it saw fit, it was greeted with an out-cry of horror in the colonies. James Otis and Sam Adams in Massachusetts, Patrick Henry in Virginia and other colonial leaders along the seaboard screamed ‘Treason’ and ‘Magna Carta’! Such a doctrine, they insisted, demolished the essence of all their British ancestors had fought for, took the very savour out of that fine Anglo-Saxon liberty for which the sages and patriots of England had died.”2

The thirteen colonies had no choice but to separate themselves from the authority of Parliament, because Parliament had legalized arbitrary authority. The thirteen colonies responded to this attack on English Civilization by defending English Civilization in the colonies. What is called the American Revolution is, in fact, the American Restoration.

In practice, Parliament's arbitrary legislative behavior didn't begin in 1766 with the passage of the Declaratory Act, it had been de facto  reality for several years, where Parliament targeted the thirteen colonies with various legislation, both non-revenue-based and revenue-based3 (1764 Sugar Act and Currency Act; 1765 Stamp Act and Quartering Act; etc.). But when in 1766 Parliament gave de jure  establishment to Parliamentary tyranny, the die was cast, resulting in an unambiguous agreement between certain Americans that their sacred Anglo-Saxon political beliefs had been assaulted, leaving no room for compromise with Parliament. 


1. The American Colonies Act 1766

2. Edwin Mims, Jr., "The Majority of the People" (New York: Modern Age Books, 1941), p. 71.

3. Culminating in another argument with Parliament: Did Parliament have the authority to tax the thirteen colonies without representation in Parliament? This issue brought into being the first Congress of the American colonies in 1765. 


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Kicking The Football Habit: The Marxist Operation To Destroy Football

August 1, 2018


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A Pictorial Presentation Of The Fraudulent Collapse Of The USSR 

Monument to Vladimir Lenin next to Filnald Railway Station in St Petersburg, Russia
Monument to Marxist 'hero' Vladimir Lenin still 
stands next to Finland Railway Station in Saint 
Petersburg, Russia.

In 2009 anti-Communist Russians (95% of the Russian population) bombed the statue to Lenin outside the Finland Railway Station, producing a large hole in the lower rear of Lenin's coat...

After the fraudulent collapse of the USSR in December 1991, not one anathema monument to Marxist 'hero' Lenin (or any other Marxist 'hero') was destroyed, and those few statues to Lenin and other Marxist 'heroes' that were [carefully] taken down (in locations where Western tourists go sightseeing the most) were hidden away in parks or museums, such as Fallen Monument Park in Moscow...

File:Lenin statue 6, Maarjamaë Palace, Tallinn. Estonia.jpg

...and for a surreal hiding place, scuba dive in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea...

Click picture for more images.

All statues in Russia to Marxist-atheist 'heroes' would have been destroyed by January 1, 1992, since 95% of Russians abhor vanguard Communism and everything it stands for. As for Lenin, Lenin (1) was the first to employ concentration camps; (2) overthrew the Provisional government in Saint Petersburg, setting off the five-year civil war that cost Russia three times more deaths than did World War I; (3) formed a one-party Marxist-atheist dictatorship; (4) had summarily shot five-hundred thousand anti-Communists and former socialist allies (a minimum count); (5) placed into concentration camps those suspected of being anti-Communist; (6) ordered the end to religion; (7) in 1922 alone summarily executed fifty thousand priests, deacons, monks and nuns (see Lenin’s order below) and one-hundred thousand laity; (8) destroyed churches/turned cathedrals into warehouses or museums to atheism; (9) ended the independent nation of Russia, incorporating Russia into the new nation called the USSR; (10) instigated mass murder of the Russian intelligentsia; and (11) used Russia to spread Marxist-atheist chaos across the globe.

Lenin’s Order: 


Russian Presidents Never Stopped Delivering Moscow Victory Day Speech At Lenin's Tomb

         Lenin's Tomb, Victory Day 1965...
General View Of Review Stand : News Photo
         General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev is the civilian to the immediate right of the microphones (click picture to enlarge). 

    Lenin's Tomb in Moscow today (still there! how is that possible? why isn't it a tomb for the last 
    Romanov family?)...

    Putin delivers 2016 Victory Day speech at Lenin's Tomb. Tomb is hidden behind makeshift facade 
    (click picture for article)...
Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 71st Victory Day Parade in Moscow

Victory Day 2015. Lenin's Tomb hidden behind makeshift facade (President Putin seated front row, seventh from right)...

Putin delivers 2014 Victory Day speech at Lenin's Tomb. Tomb is hidden behind makeshift facade 
        (click picture for article)...
This is the day of our national triumph, people’s pride, the day of grief and an imperishable memory," Putin said in his Victory Day address to Russians on May 9, 2014 at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia [PPIO]

    Putin at 2013 Victory Day celebration in Moscow. Click picture for Lenin's Tomb hidden by makeshift           facade, with Putin delivering his speech...

                            Putin delivers 2012 Victory Day speech at Lenin's Tomb. Tomb is hidden 
                            behind makeshift facade...

                        President Dmitry Medvedev delivers 2011 Victory Day speech at Lenin's 
                        Tomb. Tomb is hidden behind makeshift facade
                        (fast forward in video to 1:16 minutes)
                        As the honor guard passes by the facade, one can see Lenin’s Tomb hidden behind the facade 
                                (fast forward in video 3:38 minutes – 4:13 minutes).

                     President Dmitry Medvedev delivers 2010 Victory Day speech at Lenin's Tomb. 
                     Tomb is hidden behind makeshift facade (see next photo)...

                              Overhead shot of Lenin's Tomb hidden behind makeshift facade 
                              constructed for 2010 Victory Day subterfuge...

President Boris Yeltsin waving (to crowd) from atop Lenin's Tomb during 50th Victory Day celebrations (May 9, 1995)...
Click picture for full view (citation). 


The hated hammer & sickle logo still used by Aeroflot, purpose being to remind Russians when they travel abroad to be careful what they say to foreigners concerning the "collapse" of the USSR and who's still in control of the "former" USSR (click picture for full image).


                           Soviet emblem (top left corner of building) still affixed to what was named Patrice Lumumba 
                                    Peoples' Friendship University, located in Moscow (click on picture to enlarge).


Leningrad Oblast - Map of Russian regions.
Leningrad Oblast, Russia: The only province in the USSR named in honor of the great persecutor (and Marxist 'hero') of the Russian people, who despised and cruelly stamped out Russian culture, retains its name after Russians were 'liberated' twenty-four years ago from Communist oppression (click map for full view and facts regarding the Russian province).


Kaliningrad Oblast, still named after Marxist-atheist 'hero' Mikhail Kalinin, nominal head of the USSR, 1922-1946 (click map for full image).

In fact, a new Lenin Square was built in Kaliningrad city, Russia in 2005...
Click picture for full view.


                            ...where a still standing statue of Lenin at another site in the city...
                            ...was refurbished and re-located to the new square (click picture for article detailing the move)!


     Soviet roundel on Russian military aircraft (click picture for source).


  Note the Soviet era Communist emblem (the Soviet Red Star) attached to the port bow of the Russian missile cruiser Varyag. All such Russian   naval vessels proudly(!) maintain the Soviet emblem (click picture for full view).


The brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inexplicably never destroyed their detested Soviet banners, nor did Kiev order the armed 
forces to destroy the reviled Soviet era banners (click picture for full image). 

      ...and the left side of the Soviet banner...

         Click picture for full image.


A stop sign seen in front of the Russian Foreign Ministry building in Moscow
The State Emblem of the Soviet Union atop the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.


Office building of the Ministry of Defence on the Frunze quay.
The State Emblem of the Soviet Union atop the Russian Ministry of Defense building, including other Soviet era iconography (click picture for full view; then click once more to zoom in to specific areas).



Red Star, the official newspaper of the Soviet Ministry of Defense. Note the four Soviet emblems (awards) to the left of the 
masthead, including the image of Vladimir Lenin in the outer left emblem. Now, click the picture to see the front page for the 
Russian Ministry of Defense's official newspaper. It's still Red Star and continues to proudly showcase the four Soviet awards 
next to the masthead, the outer left award showcasing Lenin! The Soviet era newspaper was never shut down, as the newspaper 
itself proclaims, "Red Star» © 1924-2014.


Soviet Union Marxist Named Nationwide Daily Tabloid Newspaper, Replete With The Proud Display Of Soviet Government Awards, Still In Operation Within The 'Former' USSR Republics Of RussiaUkraineBelarusMoldova, EstoniaLatviaLithuaniaKazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

           February 4, 2014 edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine. Click picture for August 29, 2015 edition.

Komsomolskaya Pravda  was the official newspaper of the Soviet Union's Komsomolthe Russian abbreviation for Communist Youth League.

The newspaper is still named after the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League(!), and now has five Soviet government era awards (the Order of the October Revolution wasn't instituted until October 1967) proudly displayed below the nameplate! The Communist newspaper, founded in 1925, was never shut down in late December 1991 after Russia was 'liberated' from 74-years of Marxist horror, proving (1) the 'collapse' of the USSR to be a ruse; and (2) the governments/institutions of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the Soviet ruse, otherwise the USSR couldn't have feigned its 'collapse'. 

Due to the anti-Communist revolt currently taking place throughout the Ukraine, Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine's  masthead has been altered, removing the five Soviet era awards. The removal process was sequential, where the 18 May 2015 edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine  was the last to include the five Soviet awards without being mostly hidden by a repetition of the tabloid’s name. Between the 19 May 2015 edition and the 24 June 2015 edition the Soviet awards are mostly hidden by a repetition of the tabloid’s name. Then starting with the June 25 2015 edition the new masthead appears, now missing the Soviet awards altogether, including the secondary name. The new layout design for the masthead alternates, however, the latter design used most often.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs (tagois) Tags: russia moscow sevensisters   ministryofforeignaffairs
                                                               High atop the facade of the Russian 
                                                                                    Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, 
                                                                                    the State Emblem of the Soviet Union
                                                                                    is Illuminated with pinpoint precision
                                                                                    at night (click picture for enlargement). 



                             Satellite image of the Volga River cities of Engels, (right), and Saratov (left). Engels Air Force Base is east of 
                             Engels city (click picture for enhanced view). Notice that Engels city and adjacent air base were named after 
                             Marxist "hero" Friedrich Engels, but the names were never changed after Russians were liberated from 
                             Soviet tyranny in December 1991 with the "collapse" of the USSR.



KGB headquarters, Moscow 1980s, with statue of Cheka founder Felix Dzerzhinsky, statue now safely hidden away in Fallen Monument 


     Regional FSB office in Saint Petersburg with statue to Cheka founder, Felix Dzerzhinsky, still standing.


     Russian citizens are required to get permission from the government if they want to move; failure to provide police with internal 
     passport (as shown in picture) is a crime and the offender is arrested in order to verify residency (click picture for article and my                  comments).


  Jackson Report

Current News That Also Provides The Historical Context...Is Closed Due To Inability To Improve On Last News Filing...

Week Ending February 11, 2017

              Click picture and watch between 2:06-17 minutes. 

"The [Marxist variant of the] raised clenched fist was first used by the communists in the Spanish civil war, as a counterpoint to the open-palmed Roman salute adopted by the [Spanish] fascists."

Instead of an open palm (facing front) salute used by the 'Fascists' in Spain, as illustrated by General Francisco Franco in July 1936…


…Marxists retracted the fingers and thumb to form the Marxist salute, where the clenched fingers and thumb are facing outwards, as illustrated in the following 'Republican' propaganda poster...

Image result for spanish civil war marxist salute
Related image
Marxist 'Republican' destruction of churches and monasteries.

...not to be confused for the generic raised clenched fist, facing sideways, that's used to express victory/defiance...



Week Ending February 4, 2017

News Filing #1

'Women's March' Turns Out Marxists

Protestors chat anti-Trump slogans during the Women's
                   Demonstrators on the Mall giving the Marxist variant of the raised clenched fist salute (click picture for
                         article, and my comment to article).

Media Maintains Silence To 'Marxist Women's March', Where Demonstrators Self Identify As Marxists By Giving The Marxist Variant Of The Raised Clenched Fist Salute

The Event Was Organized By Marxists, As Proven By The Divisive Nature Of The Event, A Women's March. Marxist Strategy Is To Divide And Therefore Weaken A Nation, Pitting Segments Of Society Against One Another
Image result for Linda Sarsour  womens march
          Left to Right...co-chair of the 'Women's March' Carmen Perez, honorary co-chair Gloria Steinem, and co-chair Linda Sarsour.
          Why is Sarsour, supposedly a Muslim, giving the Marxist salute? Because Sarsour is a Marxist posing as a Muslim, naturally!
        (click picture and see 'National co-chairs').

Image result for madonna at women's march amy schumer
Marxists Amy Schumer and Madonna giving the Marxist salute. Most entertainers are Marxists, who are assigned to engage in anti-social behaviors in order to influence the wider public into accepting such civilization-ending behaviors, such as divorce on demand, or supporting  same-sex marriage that denies children the critical socialization inputs of both genders, leading to gender relations dysfunction.  Amy Schumer is the cousin of Sen. Charles Schumer, which directs our attention to the observation that due to the relative low numbers of Marxists within any nation,  the whole family needs to be recruited and frequently regurgitated throughout the institutions of society, witness the Bush & Clinton's who populate both politics and entertainment.

Image result for Actor Viggo Mortensen giving the Marxist raised clenched fist salute to fellow comrades at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, Janu
Actor Viggo Mortensen giving the Marxist variant of the raised clenched fist salute to fellow comrades at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, January 29, 2017.Image result for winona ryder screen actors guild awards
Actress Winona Ryder giving the Marxist raised clenched fist salute to fellow comrades at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, January 29, 2017. Ryder also gives a really bad 'mental illness' acting performance! Then again, if there were such a malady as 'mental illness', Marxists would be the prime candidates for the affliction!

News Filing #2

Washington Metropolitan Authority Transit Agency Enabling Sabotage of Metrorail By Marxist Union

“Yeah.” That was Metro worker Sidney Davis‘ response when I asked if the transit agency is being sabotaged from within.

                                     Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 picketers, holding placards with the Marxist variant of
                                     the raised
clenched fist salute.

Image result for metro train door washington dc

Tri-Week Ending January 28, 2017

News Filing #1

What shooting would that be? There's no CCTV footage. Oops!
Image result for Esteban Santiago florida hollywood airport

False flag operation kills two birds with one stone: (1) Promote the 'mental illness' hoax; and (2) galvanize public support for tighter gun ownership restrictions.

Ari Fleischer says, “Just as I was leaving the bathroom, I heard tap-tap-tap, tap-tap, tap. Multiple gunshots ringing out. And there was a small group of guys, we all stopped at the opening leading out to the area right above the escalator. We all realized it was gunfire and it was coming from the level below us at the escalator.” They all realized the gunfire was coming from below? In a cavernous multi-level airport terminal where gun shot sounds would ricochet off the ceiling? Then with an active shooting incident still in progress, Ari diverts his focus from the dangerous environment confronting him inside the terminal and proceeds to tweet!

See this blog's article for July 2016.


Two days after 'shooting', and one day after this blog notices zero CCTV video of the incident, CCTV video of the Incident finally shows up, 'leaked' to TMZ no less!
Image result for Esteban Santiago fort lauderdale airport cctv camera
                                Click picture to start video.

Notice the bizarre behavior of targets...no one wants to flee the area, instead they simply crouch or fall to the ground! No wonder the video wasn't released on the day of the incident...the actors' behaviors are telling indicators of a botched staged incident.

The fix is simple, and the fix's inaction is proof that SSA has no stomach for a fix.

See my comments to the article for the fix and why there won't be a fix.

Bi-Week Ending January 7, 2017

News Filing #1

Ivanka Trump and kids berated on jet by unruly passenger

View image on Twitter

Surreal false flag operation has president's daughter and family traveling coach on JetBlue! Who thought this script would pass the fakeometer test! Certainly not the Secret Service who would never allow the president's daughter to fly commercial, let alone coach class! Purpose for the operation, you ask? Two-fold: (1) push the scripted 'divisiveness' president-elect Trump is causing; and (2) normalize in our minds the homosexual/lesbian 'marriage' agenda, which agenda is meant to sabotage Western Civilization, since the purpose of marriage is the critical function of socializing children into the worlds of both sexes, which informs us of the imbecilic nature of 'same-sex marriage'. Needless to say, homosexuals and lesbians were never refused the right to marry, since homosexuals and lesbians can marry the opposite sex and raise children in a critical duel-sex household, imparting critical duel-sex social relations values to the child.

See my comment to the article.

News Filing #2

Image result for moscow batgirl pictures
Image result for moscow batgirl pictures

Has the media gone insane? Yet another hilariously scripted tale, and in Russia no less where the police arrest individuals if they're found outside their designated residency location. In Russia, one must carry at all times the internal passport for proof of residency. Yet 'Batgirl' isn't afraid to end up in Russia's notoriously violent penitentiary system for residency violations, not to mention charges of trespassing and reckless endangerment. And precisely who supports 'Batgirl's' devil may care lifestyle? Contributions from destitute Russians lucky to have a job?  Obviously 'Batgirl' draws on a KGB bank account, and being well known to the police as a KGB asset, naturally she isn't afraid to be feeling the cold Siberian air in a toiletless 6' X 6' cell, instead feeling the frigid air atop a speeding train car.

See my comments to the article.

News Filing #3

Famed Red Army Choir aboard crashed Russian jet; 92 dead
Image result for red army choir crashes

Founded in the Soviet era, the Alexandrov Ensemble, which had performed in Syria earlier this year, is the official band of the Russian armed forces. It consists of an orchestra, a choir and a dance ensemble, and is one of the two Russian orchestras allowed to use the title Red Army Choir.

The 'Red Army' Choir? Anyone with at least two brain cells see something wrong with the choir's name? Yeah, the reviled Red Army was supposed to have collapsed back in December 1991, so how can the Russian Federation army's choir still be named with the atheist-Marxist moniker 'Red Army'? Because, obviously, there is no 'collapse' of the USSR. 

See my comment to the article.

Week Ending December 24, 2016

News Filing #1

Why Poland Wants to Punish a Dead General

Image result for Wojciech Jaruzelski time magazine

See my three comments to first article linked.

Oxford Student Union Leaflet Advises Using “Ze” Instead of “He” or “She”

Since we know Oxford University students aren't cognitively deficient, we therefore have identified Marxists attempting to further sabotage Western Civilization.

See my comments to the article. Also see this blog's article for June 2016.

The critical question is: Why was China allowed to go Marxist in 1949?

See my comment to the article.

Tri-Week Ending December 17, 2016

News Filing #1

Skeptic to UN Climate Conference: Global Warming Is Bunk


Not presented to the conference's attention is the fact that carbon dioxide is a cooling molecule in the Earth's atmosphere. But the dissident participant at the conference did touch on the scare tactics used by global warming frauds, particularly the use of the famine card. Those with rudimentary knowledge from elementary school know that (1) carbon dioxide increases the growing season; and (2) provides for more and healthier foods; see News Filing for Week Ending October 29.  

See my comments to the article. Also see this blog's article for June 2014.

That would be wonderful news for this blog, leaving this blog the sole resource for the real news!

See my comment to the article.

Bi-Week Ending November 26, 2016

News Filing #1

Econ 101 Might Be Wrong About Supply and Demand
Image result for supply and demand graph
                               With a drop in the price of the commodity for sale from P1 to P2, we witness an increase in
                                         demand (Quantity) for the commodity, as represented by the shift from Q1 to Q2; when
                                         the price of a commodity decreases, consumers tend to purchase more of the commodity.

Marxists attempt to discredit a basic law of economics in order to deflect attention from the ruinous price controls central banks have fastened to interest rates.

See my comments to the article.

News Filing #2

Communist Chinese Agent Takes Over Interpol, Global Policing

Instead of being under indictment by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, Meng Hongwei, who served as 'Vice Minister of Public Security' for Communist China, is the new world's Top Cop!

See my comment to the article.

Week Ending November 12, 2016

News Filing #1

See this blog's article for September 2016.

News Filing #2

99th Anniversary of November 7, 1917 Bolshevik Coup In Petrograd, Russia
Related image
Vladimir Lenin addressing Red Army soldiers at Red Square, Moscow, May 25, 1919.

In preparation for the infamous centenary next year, read this blog's article for June 2015.

Week Ending November 5, 2016

The prison-house of gender: "The American philosopher and gender theorist, Judith Butler, explores the idea of gender as a social construction or a ‘performance’ in her1990 book Gender Trouble."

Image result for gender bathroom pictures

We see Judith Butler's Marxist pedigree by her attempt to differentiate 'sex' and 'gender', a classic Marxist trick that promotes chaos and social disintegration.

See my comment to the article. Also see this blog's article for June 2016.

Week Ending October 29, 2016

Carbon dioxide fertilization greening Earth, study finds

From a quarter to half of Earth's vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change on April 25.

The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in area to two times the continental United States.

The article makes no mention on increases in green food production due to higher concentrations of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, but the article does regurgitate the fallacy that Carbon Dioxide traps heat! Heat can never be trapped since it rises, ultimately spilling into the void of space. What the article meant to say is that the increase of Carbon Dioxide adds to Earth's heat by the additional Carbon Dioxide absorbing infrared radiation (heat energy) that would otherwise have escaped out into space. But even that would be wrong. Carbon Dioxide is a coolant molecule in the Earth's atmosphere due to its low specific heat relative to Nitrogen and Oxygen, both Nitrogen and Oxygen constituting 99.03% of Earth's atmospheric gasses; adding a cooler molecule to the atmosphere - Carbon Dioxide - to a predominantly warmer Nitrogen and Oxygen atmosphere will result in a cooler atmosphere. 

See this blog's article for June 2014.

Week Ending October 22, 2016

One day soon, humanity will triumph over HIV
Image result for AIDS hoax pictures
See my comments to the Spiked article. Also see this blog's article for April 2016.

Week Ending October 15, 2016


Those seven monuments to Marxist-atheist butchers were located in areas where tourists frequent, necessitating relocation, but note not their destruction. The remaining seventy odd monuments to Marxist-atheist 'heroes' were left standing, proving there was no 'collapse' of the USSR. This shocking and revealing news item of continued Marxist control throughout the USSR is now three-years old, and with the centenary of the Bolshevik coup in Petrograd just thirteen months away, I expect the Marxist Moscow city government to make another attempt at restoring the monuments to Soviet mass murderers of Russian Orthodox clergy and laity.

News Filing #2

Feminism...A Marxist Front

Image result for gloria steinem
                                       Gloria Steinem, poster child for Feminism, gives the violent and vulgar
                                                    Marxist variant of the raised clenched fist salute.

           In 1971 with Dorothy Pitman  Hughes, co-founder of the Marxist societal sabotage rag Ms. Magazine,.

Those who are manipulated naturally never realize they're manipulated until it's too late. Thanks to this sole researcher, you've been given advance warning. 

News Filing #3

Karl Marx's 'War on Islam' proceeds without anyone being the wiser! The destruction of Islam began with Lebanon in the mid-70s, then came Afghanistan, then Iraq followed by Libya, Syria and Yemen. Next is Jordan. For those who haven't noticed, Russia is committing another war crime the West refuses to point a finger to, because to do so would point a finger back at the Marxist co-opted West. What war crime is this, you ask? See my comment to the article for the answer.

Week Ending October 8, 2016

News Filing #1

The Dangerous Cult of Academic Macroeconomics

...the advance of macroeconomic theory could help us all, as it is supposed to be among the most practical and useful of economic sub-fields.

There's nothing spectacularly new to discover in the field of economics that isn't already known by Marxist saboteurs.

See my comment to the article. Also see this blog's article for September 2016.

As this researcher alerted readers last February (see News Filing #1 for the Week Ending February 13, 2016), the 'Zika virus causes microcephaly' hoax is meant to (1) protect access to abortion on demand in the United States in the face of bad publicity; and (2) widen the global scope of abortion access.

See my comment to the article. Also see this blog's article for April 2016.

Week Ending October 1, 2016

News Filing #1

Charlotte Police Department Releases Videos of Shooting

Charlotte Shooting: Another Pretext for "Black Lives Matter" Terror?
                                                  Marxist agitator gives Marxist raised clenched fist salute.

The fact that video of the incident wasn’t released immediately, on the bogus grounds that it must wait until the investigation is over, proves that this incident is another racial-based false flag operation because crime scene video is routinely released by the police during an investigation, usually to assist the police in identifying suspects in a crime. Naturally a police department not taking part in a false flag operation would do all it could to prevent riots, and not lie about the proper procedures for releasing video of a crime scene.

See my comment to the article.

Blasting “False Economy,” Trump Takes on the Federal Reserve

You can be sure that when Trump becomes president - as he is slated to - he will do exactly nothing about central bank low interest rates that sabotage the accumulation of capital for new business ventures that require large capital outlays via loans; and there is nothing he can do about low rates because the Federal Reserve Chair is chosen from among the Board of Governors, all being Marxists like current chair Janet Yellen and her predecessors. That being cleared up, when did Trump alert us to the Marxist sabotage of the West's economies and the fake 'collapse' of the USSR...

Continue reading in article's comment thread.

 Week Ending September 24, 2016

News Filing #1

Okla. opens first new abortion clinic in 40 years
Image result for the walking dead zombies
                          Taking aim at convenience. A character in The Walking Dead series takes aim at cannibals holding
                                   captive members of the semi-civilized group she belongs to. The cannibals  were behaving for
                                   convenience sake, not in the interests of continuing even semi-civilized behavior that requires
                                   inconvenient behavior.

The philosophy of convenience, expressed by abortion on demand, is known as barbarism, that is the denial of civilization, civilization entailing performing acts that are sometimes difficult thus inconvenient. Today we currently live in the The Walking Dead's world, but we have no excuse to behave for convenience sake because we're not living in a zombie apocalypse, therefore our barbaric behavior towards unborn humans is inexplicable. Who, then, is causing us to behave like barbarians when there's no need to act like barbarians?

Only one entity today has the dearth of moral sensibilities, and the motivation, to sabotage the West's social institutions...Marxists. That's why the West's political establishments refused to verify  the 'collapses' of the USSR and East Bloc nations, even though the survival of the West depends on verification should the 'collapses' be a ruse. That's why to this day the fifteen nations' government bureaucracies that comprised the 'former' USSR are still controlled by Marxists; those bureaucracies were never de-communized, including the militaries, which is why the official newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Defense is still called Red Star, with the same four Soviet awards on the masthead, one of the awards (The Order of Lenin, Type II) sporting the image of Lenin! The newspaper was never folded! The West is enabling the fake collapses of the USSR and East Bloc nations, which proves the West was long ago co-opted by Marxists.

See my comments to the article.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (wearing cross), archbishop of Vienna, regurgitates Marxist talking points regarding Islam and 9/11, effectively outing the Marxist infestation of the Catholic Church.

See my comments to the article.

News Filing #3

Image result for mental illness hoax

'Mental illness' false flag operation promotes Marxist nonsense that thoughts can be 'ill', even though the subject in this false flag is said to be suffering from neurological conditions.

Week Ending September 17, 2016

News Filing #1

15 years after Sept. 11, the questions that still remain in our minds

Image result for 9/11 attacks pictures pentagon flight track cit
                          Pentagon flight paths don't match up.

Actually only three questions still remain in this researcher's mind:

Earthquake? The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee picked up the distinctive seismic signature for a nuclear detonation...

Click picture for article.

The seismic signature for an earthquake reads as follows...
Image result for pakistan nuclear seismograph

Let's add a second distinctive seismic signature for an earthquake (second earthquake illustrated)...

Image result for pakistan nuclear seismograph

Beginning to get the picture, here?

Naturally the Marxist co-opted media doesn't inform us that Marcus Peters is giving the Marxist variant of the raised clenched-fist salute, affirming (1) the Marxist origins of the Black Lives Matter movement; and (2) the false flag operations involving police and blacks, conducted to sow racial discord within the United States.

As with the false flag incidents involving police and blacks, this incident is a part of a wider Marxist operation to create social divisions within the United States, as were the Bureau of Land Management standoffs between Cliven Bundy in Nevada (April 2014) and the so-called Oath Keepers in Oregon (April 2015), both operations meant to sow social division between the Federal government and the population at large. In the case of the fake incidents involving police and black citizens, those operations are meant to create racial divisions.

The fake university Black Lives Matter ‘protests’ are being directed by Marxist professors/administration officials, not students, as the USA Today article reveals, where a Marxist University of Missouri professor (Melissa Click) directs “muscle” (that’s what the University of Missouri professor calls the ‘students’ at the ‘protest’ camp site) to expel a university journalism major from the 'protest' camp site.

In fact, the black University of Missouri student that went on a fake hunger strike claiming ‘oppression’, Jonathan Butler, his father, Eric L. Butler, an Executive Vice President at Union Pacific Corporation, earned $4.2 million in compensation for 2015 (and compensation of $8.4 million for 2014 and $2.4 million for 2013)…see Summary Compensation Table on page 54 of Union Pacific Corporation’s 2016 proxy report.

But there's more...the Missouri Students Association President, Payton Head, is black(!). The hyperbole of the Marxist Payton Head is astounding. The article reads, "Head questioned the threat to his existence and called for action." Huh? What threat to his existence? Name-calling is a threat to one's existence? This protest is wholly made up.

The purpose for these 'protests' is to generate racial discord within the United States, thereby weakening the social fabric of the nation and are coordinated with the fake 'killings' of black citizens by police.

Racial-Based False Flag Operations

(1) Take a look at the following eye-opener video…

The traffic stop video captures University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing running after a fleeing speeding car instead of getting back into his police car and pursuing(!) because police officer Ray Tensing knew the fleeing car would come to rest around the corner at the end of the block, but if Officer Tensing had gotten back into his police car and gave chase he would have arrived at the staging area too early, his camera picking up the replacing of DuBose's car with another duplicate car with bumper damage, including the camera capturing the planting of the bumper debris on the road! The 'Black Lives Matter' movement is a Marxist front, controlled at the top levels by Marxist operatives.

(2) Now let's take a look at the Freddie Gray false flag operation, which I call 'The Baltimore Switch'...hmm, which one is the real Freddie Gray? Is this Freddie? Maybe this is Freddie. Or maybe this is Freddie.

...and finally...

(3) State Senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney, said to have been murdered by a white racist teen. So who's this lying in Rev. Clementa Pinckney's casket?

Video overlay for the two Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s...

...confirming yet another false flag operation shooting of blacks. The purpose for these non-fatal operations is to (1) promote racial division, weakening the social fabric of America; (2); cast a negative image of the United States abroad; and in the case of this particular false flag operation (3) increase public support for the banning of civilian firearm ownership.

Notice that the planners for this false flag operation also forgot to place a wedding band on the impostor's finger. Oops! The false flag planners not only forgot the wedding band, the body has a facial scar. The families of the nine 'killed' were well compensated for their participation in the charade, each receiving $3.22 million from the DOJ. Since when do murder victims families get millions of dollars from the federal government? In Washington DC, where I live, people are murdered every day but families of the victims don't receive millions of dollars. One of the purposes for the DOJ money is to cover the expenses of the nine 'victims'' relocations.

Week Ending September 10, 2016

News Filing #1

Colin Kaepernick: I'm not anti-American, will donate $1 million
Image result for Colin Kaepernick afro

Colin Kaepernick takes the stand not to stand for the national anthem because of police mistreatment of blacks. Well, Kaepernick has certainly educated this researcher that a few Marxist police officers performing racial based false flag operations - for the purpose of sowing racial discord - constitutes the United States and the Constitutional principles for which the Republic stands! Assuming Kaepernick isn't himself a Marxist but a fool - or being manipulated - his logic is low on the 'makes any sense' scale.

See my comment to the article (in comment thread, click 'Newest' in 'Sort By' drop down box).

This researcher is never impressed, and always suspicious, when nations and institutions apologize for long past inhuman behaviors, and this latest 'apology' only serves to confirm my suspicions, coming as it does amidst the Marxist establishment's recent race based false flag operations, now this reminder by Georgetown University of its role in owning slaves, managing to rub salt into one of the historical wounds of the United States. Of course, Georgetown University hasn't apologized for the fact that several of its schools lie about the 'collapse' of the USSR, thereby proving the Marxist co-option of the West's political institutions that are enabling the 'collapse' ruse.

News Filing #3

               Click picture for closeup view.

Marxist operative Julian Assange gives Marxist variant of the raised clenched fist salute, explaining why the bogus WikiLeaks refuses to 'leak' government emails detailing the fake 'collapse' of the USSR and East Bloc nations, and emails detailing the Marxist co-option of the West's institutions. As if real 'whistleblowers' would exist in the first place!

Week Ending September 3, 2016

News Filing #1

Study Finds No Scientific Basis for Transgenderism

Study Finds No Scientific Basis for Transgenderism
                                                 Click picture for article and my comments.

The purpose for the human species is to procreate via male-female intercourse, therefore any ideology that attempts to confuse this basic fact of biological science does so for destructive purposes. The article reads, "In June, McHugh noted that despite the lack of biological or physical basis for sexual identity, scientists struggled to persuade others that transgenderism is a psychological disorder because “there is a deep prejudice in favor of the idea that nature is totally malleable.” But the same 'scientists' say that homosexuality-lesbianism isn't malleable, thereby alerting us that such 'scientists' (1) don't believe human nature is malleable; but (2) want to destroy Western Civilization by (a) invoking malleability when it suits them; and (b) invoking non-malleability when it will harm social relations between the sexes.

News Filing #2

A New Strategy for Climate Change? Retreat
Image result for climate change fraud
                        Click picture for article and my comments.

'Welcome Back, Lenin' as Berlin Digs up Cold War Relic

Image result for berlin lenin head pictures
                                                        The statue to the Marxist-atheist despotic 'hero', before it was carefully
                                                        disassembled and hidden for future 'discovery'.

Huh? A statue to an icon of a "dictatorship where people were persecuted and murdered" is carefully chopped up over months and moved to secure burial locations! Excuse me, but the statue was supposed to have been toppled and destroyed on the spot, not carefully removed to secret, secure, locations and then dug up and moved to a museum, wasting more precious resources on a reviled butcher of nationalism/religion!

Throughout Russia monuments to reviled Marxist 'heroes' were left standing...

"Almost every town in Russia has a prominent statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, father of the October Revolution, but few have the historic significance of this vast monument in front of the Finland Railway Station. It stands roughly on the spot where Lenin, straight off the train that returned him from exile, mounted an armoured car to give an impassioned speech to a crowd of welcoming workers, soldiers and sailors, marking the beginning of his personal involvement in the tumultuous events of 1917."

News Filing #1

           Ugly [Marxist] Americans Win Gold in Rio              
Image result for Ryan Lochte robbed cctv

Tired old Marxist operation to malign Americans abroad goes to Rio!

See my comment to article.

News Filing #2

Econ has had very mixed success tackling big problems like poverty, recessions and growth

Naturally the Marxist saboteurs within the Marxist co-opted economics profession have zero credibility...they're Marxists whose only purpose is to weaken the West, as exemplified with the following...

We are witnesses to an economic doctrine, only recently devised by Marxist saboteurs, that is a tautology...

“Capital has a cost; therefore
the employment of capital is based on cost.”

The cost of capital isn't based on cost - a tautology - it's based on (1) the quantity of capital loaned; and (2) the time it takes to pay back the capital loaned...

A classic tautological syllogism.

See my comment to the article.

Week Ending August 20, 2016

News Filing #1

American Fascism: Government Trying to Control Church Sermons

American Fascism: Government Trying to Control Church Sermons

See this blog's article for May 2016.

News Filing #2

More Proof: Raising the Minimum Wage Increases Unemployment

More Proof: Raising the Minimum Wage Increases Unemployment

Early Returns From Seattle's Minimum-Wage Experiment

Proof? Studies? When did economists need proof and studies regarding the Law of Supply and Demand? When the economics profession was co-opted by Marxists, that's when. As an economic category, labor too follows the Law of Supply and Demand: An increase in cost of any factor of production, all other variables remaining constant, will result in a decline in the affected factor of production. Minimum wage laws are Marxist policies for the purpose of causing chaos in the economy, thereby providing the pretext for the implementation of other social programs that increase the chaos.
Since the price of labor is set by the supply and demand for labor, minimum wage laws price labor out of the labor market causing unemployment. Marxists then promote social programs to increase the chaos, such as the defunct Aide to Families with Dependent Children, or its successor program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, resulting in generations of fatherless youth engaged in sociopathic behaviors.

See my comment to Bloomberg View article.

Week Ending August 13, 2016

Autopsy: Orlando shooter had no drugs in system

Which autopsy would that be? The autopsy for this Omar Mateen...

Click picture for article.

...or possibly for this Omar Mateen...

        Click picture for source.

Like most people I appreciate variety, but false flag operations call for boring consistency!

See News Filing #1 for Week Ending June 25, 2016, and News Filing #3 for Week Ending July 2, 2016.

Bi-Week Ending August 6, 2016

News Filing #1

Philippines Rejects “Stupid” UN Climate Deal; Globalists Freak

Philippines Rejects “Stupid” UN Climate Deal; Globalists Freak
                                                  Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte.

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte says industrialized nations want to maintain their economic dominance, impoverishing developing nations by placing draconian limits on developing nations' carbon dioxide emissions. In fact the standard global warming narrative is a fraud. Carbon dioxide is a cooling molecule due to its inferior heat retention when compared to both nitrogen and oxygen. Because nitrogen and oxygen constitute over 99% of the atmosphere's gasses, and have a higher heat retention rate than that of carbon dioxide, adding more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere cools the atmosphere. The global warming scandal extends its tentacles into (1) denying that nitrogen and oxygen do absorb infrared radiation; and (2) denying that nitrogen and oxygen are so-called green house gasses. 

News Filing #2

NYC sees first baby born with defects due to Zika

Notice the article doesn't say, "...which is only  caused by Zika..." Here's the 'scientific' basis for the claim:

- The mother contracted the Zika virus;
- The baby has microcephaly; therefore
- The Zika virus caused microcephaly.

Only in a Marxist co-opted world can a false syllogism be true!

Bi-Week Ending July 23, 2016

News Filing #1

Comrade Bernie Sanders Isn't The Only Presidential Candidate Who Gives The Marxist Variant Of The 'Raised Clenched Fist Salute'...

       Click picture for another demonstration of the violently vulgar Marxist salute.

            Click picture for full image.
Comrade Donald Trump Too Gives The Marxist Variant Of The 'Raised Clenched Fist Salute'...


Week Ending July 9, 2016

News Filing #1

'Active Shooter' False Flag Operation Derailed At Joint Base Andrews; Active Shooter Drill Is Leaked To Media

Click picture for full view. 

News Filing #2

The Not So Strange Silence Regarding Iceland's Economic Recovery

              Click picture for article.

Iceland recapitalized weak surviving banks with interest rates that hit rates as high as 18%, slowly bringing the interest rate down to market levels. The benchmark interest rate in Iceland was last recorded at 5.75%. Deposit accounts in Iceland earn up to 6.1%, for a six-year CD, where a 3 month CD brings in a robust return of 4.95%. An economy only grows with high interest rates, hence the intentional economic sabotage taking place in the United States (Federal funds rate of 0.25%), United Kingdom (bank rate of 0.5%) and the European Union (benchmark refinancing rate of 0.0%).