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Dean Graziosi’s Success Story Can Be Yours As Well

Dean Graziosi
Dean Graziosi doesn’t fit into a neat little box.  Yes, he’s a real estate investor and trainer, but he’s also a New York Times Best Seller author … multiple times.  Dean Graziosi makes his life today all about helping others to achieve what he has in his life.  And, it didn’t come easy.  But, he wants to make it easier for others.

Dean Graziosi - His Roots and Life Goals

Dean’s beginnings are humble, but they actually contributed to his success because he used his early life experiences to build his successful real estate investment career and a life helping others to do the same.

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean’s Family and Home

Dean Robert Graziosi was born and raised in Marlboro, New York.  He was raised by his single mother, Gloria Post, along with two older siblings.  It was a typical lower middle class lifestyle, with no frills and plenty of challenges.

Financial Challenges for Dean Graziosi

The one thing they had plenty of was financial challenges, relocating 20 times before Dean turned 19 years old.  His mother’s weekly income of $90 didn’t go very far in supporting

Dean Graziosi with his kids
an entire family.  Wearing hand-me-down clothes and not having the latest status symbols brought heckling, but it didn’t create permanent damage.  On the contrary, Dean gained strength from being on the “wrong side of the tracks” in school.  He made himself a promise early in life to do all he could to be successful and help his mother out as soon as he could.

Motivation for Himself and Others

Dean Graziosi drew strength from his early life, financial problems and social tribulations.  He became highly motivated to do something great to improve his life financially and

Dean Graziosi with Bill Clinton
create a better lifestyle for himself and his future family.  He realized quickly that it was all up to him, that there would be no help offered.  He would have to do it himself.  He knew he would have to work hard and smart, and that any success in his future would have to be self-generated.

As you read on about his dramatic success in life, you’ll see that by doing it all himself he was building a foundation of knowledge and techniques that he could share with others.  As you read about his real estate investment success and how he’s sharing how he did it with others, you’ll see that he is motivated to make the path to success far easier for others than it was for him.  He also wants to make it crystal clear to anyone who seeks his help that they CAN make it happen in their lives.  It isn’t about how much money you have today, nor about education or degrees.  It’s about desire and a willingness to learn.

Dean Graziosi is a Best Selling Author

Early on, Dean recognized that there is a huge audience out there made up of people who want a better life, a more secure financial future.  He knew too that most of them would never reach their goals without help.  Because he made such a huge success in real estate investment, he decided that he wanted to author books to show people how to do it in their lives.  Some of Dean’s Books:

Dean Graziosi' Be a Real Estate Millionaire
Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today

Dean’s first book hit the New York Times Best Seller List.   In this book Dean explained how he turns real estate losers into winners, as well as sharing the seven keys he uses to unlock hidden real estate values.

Readers learn how to analyze their market and individual properties in order to identify opportunities for profit.  Dean teaches step-by-step how to use his unique formula for win-win-win real estate transactions.  You can make more money if you help others make money in the same deals.

Learn the two steps Dean uses to minimize risk while maximizing profits in real estate investment.

Dean Graziosi's 30 Days to Real Estate Cash
            30 Days to Real Estate Cash

            This book resonates with the vast majority of Dean’s audience.  They’re the paycheck-to-paycheck crowd, just eking out a living.  They are where                   Dean was when he started.  This book shares strategies just for this group in how to get started in a hurry.

               He shares strategies that can be put into play quickly, generating profits and cash flow within 30 days.  And, to top it off, these are strategies that                   the working crowd can get moving on right away.  It’s like the Quick Start guides you get with software.  There’s a 300 page manual, but a single                      double-sided page gets you going.  

                                Totally Fulfilled: More Money, More Freedom, More Smiles, Less Stress

Dean Graziosi's Totally Fulfilled
A lot of people first met Dean Graziosi watching late night television. 

 They’re awake when they should be sleeping in many cases because they’re worried about their lifestyle and financial future.  They suddenly see this personable guy telling them how his childhood and financial challenges contributed to his desire to succeed and was instrumental in him reaching his goals.

 This is the “light on strategies” but heavy on motivation book for people who want a better life.  If someone is hesitating in getting started on a better life, this can get them off the starting line, and Dean’s other books and help can get them to the goal.

Profit from Real Estate Right Now!

Dean Graziosi's Profit from Real Estate Right Now
Jumpstart your real estate investment career with this book designed for we impatient people.

 It is packed with strategies, tools, resources and the knowledge the new investor needs to high the ground running.  When you have as much success information in your arsenal as Dean, you find multiple ways to share it.

 This book guides the new investor through a process.  They learn how to research their local market in the context of national trends.  Then they learn how to market for and find great deals.  Working those deals through to a profitable closing or rental investment is a snap after reading this book.

                                          Your Town – Your Real Estate Profits

Dean Graziosi's Your Town
When you give real estate investment seminars around the country, it’s not uncommon to see someone in the audience with their arms folded.  They are often the ones who will say that the strategies you’re proposing may work well in one city, but not nearly as well in another market area of a different type.

This book is a book full of real people in real life situations all around the country.  They give detailed descriptions of their successful real estate deals, and why they can work anywhere.

This is a great book for the “doubter,” or the nervous because it helps them to see that other people just like them all around the country are successfully putting Dean’s training into practice and changing their lives.

Dean’s Investing Career

For more than 20 years, Dean Graziosi has been engaged in real estate investing.  He teaches what he knows works because he’s made it work.  He started making it work from his very first deal.

Dean’s First Deal

More than 20 years ago, Dean did his first real estate investment deal.  He, like many new real estate investors these days, didn’t have cash to fund a deal, but he had a burning

Dean Graziosi with Jay Leno
desire and enough knowledge to get started.  His first deal was the purchase and rehab of a run-down apartment building in his hometown.  He purchased it with no money out of pocket, and it became his first profitable real estate investment deal.  He describes the deal in his New York Times Bestseller book:  Be a Real Estate Millionaire:  Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today.

Zero to 400 Properties

Dean didn’t let grass grow under his feet after his first deal.  He dove in with both feet and just started doing deals.   Many were wholesaling and fix & flip, so he bought and sold for profit.  Many were buy and hold rental property investments.  So many in fact, that Dean now owns more than 400 properties.  When you’re taking real estate investment advice from someone, shouldn’t it be someone so successful that they can help you with all of the ins-and-outs of the business.  In other words, they made a success of it.

Active and Involved

One reason that Dean has embraced helping others is that he came up the hard way in real estate, and he knows that there are far easier ways to get started and be successful.  Why try to hide what works?  Sharing is a good thing, and it actually applies to Dean’s win-win-win investment principles.  When everyone involved in a deal feels like they have won, then more deals will happen and more people will change their lives.

Using what he Teaches and Cooperating

Dean isn’t a retired investor teaching others.  He’s a very active investor, constantly involved in different strategies in markets across the country.  “Real estate is local” is a popular saying because it’s true.  While you can buy 100 shares of Google stock anywhere in the country and get the same thing, buying a property in Atlanta has investment characteristics unique to that market and very different from the San Francisco market. 

Dean’s worldwide reputation as a successful real estate investor and teacher has him involved in markets across the country.  He works with other investors, sometimes in cooperative deals, that give him a “big picture” perspective.  He stays active because real estate markets and the dynamics that change them are constantly changing.  Dean Graziosi stays involved to stay informed, and he passes along his knowledge to his students.

Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Strategies

Dean Graziosi teaching at seminar
One of the most exciting things about real estate investment is the many ways in which you can invest.  Different strategies attract different investment styles and risk tolerance profiles.  Some strategies require less hands-on involvement, while others, like fix & flip, require extensive involvement in the process from purchase to sale.  Let’s take a look at the strategies Dean uses and teaches.


Wholesaling in real estate is very different from wholesaling like it’s done for grocery stores and auto supply outlets.  They have huge overheads with trucks, employees, warehouses, employees and insurance.  Wholesaling real estate requires what almost all of us already have; our kitchen table, a phone, and maybe a computer makes it easier.  Wholesaling is a short term investment strategy that has you, the wholesaler, taking a position of control or ownership of a property at a deep enough discount to value that you can sell it quickly to another investor at a profit for you and a discount for them.  You’re not doing any rehab on the property, just buying it and selling it quickly.  That sounds easy, and it’s not rocket science.  It does require market and property valuation analysis skills and some negotiation stuff too.  The holding period is generally only 30 to 60 days tops, sometimes even shorter.  Dean teaches two ways for the investor to do a deal:

 With Assignment Contracts

This uses a purchase contract that allows you the investor wholesaler to control a property but you have no plan to buy it.  You use a contract that allows you to assign your rights and responsibilities to your investor buyer.  They take over the deal and you’re out of it, taking your profit, usually at closing.

With a Purchase and Back-to-Back Closings

Here you actually intend to take ownership, even if only for a few hours.  You close on the purchase and within hours or a day or so you close on the sale to your buyer.  Generally, the wholesaler can make more money this way, but it requires more cash or short term funding.

Fix & Flip

This is still a short term strategy, but a little bit longer because you’re going to do or have done work on the property.  Sometimes it’s mostly cosmetic, but many deals require

Dean Graziosi's strategies
extensive remodel and repair work.  There can be three customer profiles for who you sell to when the rehab is complete:

·         Another investor, usually a rental property investor.

·         A retail consumer buyer.

·         Yourself, as you’re rehabbing to hold it for a rental.

There is a lot more planning and deal evaluation involved in a fix & flip because you will be doing three deals in a way.  First you’re buying, second you’re doing the rehab, and third you’re selling.  You can make a lot more money doing fix & flip because you can build a profit into each of the three phases.  However, there is some added risk, as you have three phases where you can make mistakes that could hurt your bottom line.

Buy & Hold Rental Investing

Many investors are enjoying amazing retirements due to rental property ownership.  Many lucky heirs are inheriting rental property portfolios at current stepped-up value without capital gains taxes due.  These are a few of the benefits or rental property ownership.  It’s not a short term strategy.  Even buying right, to sell a rental investment for a profit over purchase costs, you’ll probably have to hold it for five to eight years.  So, this is for the investor with patience.

However, that patience is rewarded.  Between tax advantages, depreciation, and a monthly positive cash flow you take to the bank, rental property investment is a great wealth-building strategy.  Adding in the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange strategy to defer capital gains, investors can grow their rental property portfolios over years while avoiding capital gains taxes.  Every month you take the rent checks to the bank, and then you reap more profits when you sell or roll the property into another investment.

Funding these Strategies

Dean shows cash-challenged investors how to do deals without a lot of their own money.  However, when you’re doing fix & flip or back-to-back wholesale closings, you’ll need

Dean Graziosi speaking
some short term funding.  No, it isn’t cheap, but you’re in control and build the costs into your deal, then your profit.  While straight mortgages are best for rental property investing, you need a different type of funding for shorter term wholesaling and fix & flip deals.

There are funding companies that specialize in this type of lending, commonly known as Transactional Lenders.  They are ready to loan you money for short term deals.  Once you have a track record, they’ll even streamline the process and give you letters of pre-approval to help you to negotiate deals.  Their fees aren’t cheap, as they don’t have a lot of time to charge interest.  Sometimes their loans are only live for hours to a day or so.  For this reason, they will charge flat rate or loan origination charges that can add thousands of dollars to your costs.  However, when you find the right deal, it’s well worth it to get it done.

Less Traditional Strategies

There are other real estate investment strategies out of the mainstream.  Dean has experience in these, including buying tax liens and mortgage notes.  These are specialized strategies, but they can be highly profitable without large up-front cash investment.  Dean’s students interested in these profit strategies can get training and materials just for these type of deals.  They’re different, so the rules change and so do the knowledge requirements.

Dean Tells You What You Need

Whether it’s money, time, overhead, logistics or special licensing, Dean has materials to walk students through what they need.  Funding is always at the top of the list.  But, just knowing what you’ll need in the way of offices, overhead, specialty licenses or other equipment, you’ll learn about it and how to get what you need.  A discussion of whether a real estate license is a good thing or not is also popular.  You see, in most states a real estate license isn’t required for what we do as investors.  And, when you get one, you’re held to a different standard for business practices and disclosures, so it’s a valuable discussion and an important decision.

Dean’s Website and Products

Real estate investment is a big subject area, and it’s far more involved than just calling your broker and buying shares of a stock because you’re heard good news about the company.  Dean Graziosi knows that everyone is different in how they absorb information or in the time and resources they have to consume it.  That’s why he has various tools to offer for learning.

Dean’s Website

Dean Graziosi's Website
Over at, any new investor can immediately immerse themselves in an online community of investors and a wealth of knowledge. 

 From a Frequently Asked Question area to guest blogs written by other investors and trainers, the new investor can jump right into a large reservoir of real estate investment information on Dean’s website.

 There is even recent real estate news and investment advice that’s current in today’s changing marketplace.

 Maybe you’re just trying to drum up the courage to do your first deal and need some encouragement.  You can get that here in the Success Stories area.  Or, check out the investing groups area to become involved and learn about the real estate investment niche in which you’re most interested.

 Of extreme value to most new investors is the area dedicated to Calculations and Tools.  You can’t do great profitable deals just because you’re enthusiastic and motivated.  You need hard instructions in how to evaluate properties and value them in the current market.  There are a number of calculations you can use to assure success, and they’re all explained in detail on the website.

 The Weekly Wisdom and Student Wisdom areas keep you informed and in the current market loop. is the destination of choice for successful real estate investors.

Dean’s Other Products

 Not everyone learns in the same way or at the same pace.  A website can be of great value to one person while another would rather print out a PDF instruction manual.  Still others want to play a CD in the car or a DVD on their computer.  And then there are those who love to listen to podcasts on their smart phones. 

Dean Graziosi Ice Bucket Challenge

There are also seminars and courses given around the country, and you can find out where and when on the website.  The point is that Dean has

left no stone unturned in realizing his goal of helping others to enjoy the success and lifestyle financial advantages available from real estate investment.

Don’t hesitate, jump in and be all you can be.

Dean Graziosi's Millionaire Success Habits

Dean Graziosi's most recent book Millionaire Success Habits, published on September 15 2016, is a book designed with one purpose in mind;
Dean Graziosi's Millionaire Success Habits
and that is to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life, by using easy to implement "Success Habits" into your daily routine.

This book is not about adding more time to your day. It is about replacing those things that are not serving your future with success habits designs specifically to assist you on your journey to that better you. This book has broken down the walls of complexity and created simple success recipes for you to quickly implement in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire.

Millionaire Success Habits Reviews

"In this incredibly inspiring book, Dean Graziosi gives us the key to greater happiness, wealth and freedom. A must-read." - Brendon Burchard

"Dean Graziosi has the unique ability to take what others make so complicated and boil it down to a recipe for success that anyone can follow." - Larry King

"In this book there are amazing recipes to get the life you want faster, easier and with less stress. Read it and live rich!" - David Bach