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 In More action, ca 1974



Dean M. Estabrook received his B.M. degree from the University of Arizona in 1964 and his M.A. in Music Theory and Composition from California State University at San Jose in 1966. He did post-graduate study at  Occidental College, as well as the California State Universities at Fullerton, Sacramento, San Jose,  and Chico. Mr. Estabrook has conducted workshops and directed honor choirs as well as having adjudicated CMEA and ACDA festivals throughout Northern and Central California. He has served on the State Board of both ACDA (Area Representative)  and CMEA (State Choral Representative). His articles have been published in the National ACDA’s, Choral Journal, CMEA News,  California ACDA’s Cantate, and the NFIMNA Journal and is a   is a member of A.S.C.A.P.  His choral compositions and arrangements are presently being published by Sound Music Publications in Washington State (, and his Handbell compositions are published by From The Top Music, located in New Mexico. 


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 In 1995, CMEA honored him as “Outstanding Music Educator  for Northern California.”

He taught choral music, music theory, and instrumental music in Yuba  City for thirty-one years, before retiring in 1997.  After ten years, he  retired from directing  a fifty-five voice adult choir for St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Yuba City. He lives with his wife,  Christy, who is a music educator in  the Yuba City Unified School District.  His daughter, Adrian,   teaches  choral ensembles at The Westside  Neighborhood School in Marina Del Rey,   CA. She lovingly tends to about 200 students per week in this exceptional private school. 

She has recently completed the third  year of a three summer graduate curricula at CSULA, in Choral Conducting.  When she finishes her comps and final choral recital, she will have her M.A. degree. She sings with the Adult  Choir, and directs Bell Choir and Children's Choir at Pasadena Presbyterian
Church (where Howard Swan had such a pervasive influence for so many years) , where she also manages a special Sunday Evening service once a month.

Dean  is  now actively involved in composition and arranging for various ensembles. He often  aids his wife and daughter by arranging pieces for their  ensembles. He has several compositions for Handbells presently in print, and will see the premier of Solioquy for Flute and Orchestra performed this October by the Veridian Symphony Orchestra, with soloists Jan Roberts - Haydon and Judy Coe, in Yuba City, CA.

These and other works can be heard via MP3 files by clicking on "My Compositions" (upper right). I'll attempt to keep this site updated.


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