Our mission:

To reconnect communities to the natural good 
of the farm.
D.I.G. Farm is an organization that bridges the gap between the community, the farm, and farmers. 
By creating a community center on a farm, 
we are able to provide a wide variety of programs that 
encourage gardening, canning, preserving and re-purposing. 

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DIG Farm Events Calendar


We connect communities with farmers in a way that reaches beyond the farmers market.

Our goal is to create a community-centered farm while providing educational programs for the community at large, including services for veterans, special needs kids and seniors.

We are focused on reminding people the value and tradition that comes from knowing where your food comes from and how it is preserved and prepared.

We are committed to helping find ways to make healthy farm fresh food available to all parts of the community. In addition we host a wide variety of events to support other 

non-profits as well as our own fundraising needs.

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