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Super Bowl (2007)

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By Patti Ballinger

We had lots of fun at that Super Bowl Party February 4, 2007 watching the Indianapolis Colts stomp the Chicago Bears 29-17.

The party was from 3-10 PM with Happy Hour from 3-5 PM. People were already at WAD before the party even began! Seventy people were in attendance at the party.

The all-you-can-eat-buffet was delicious with different sandwich meats, cheeses, and breads.

Jolene Nix brought a wonderful baked chicken and baked beef sandwich to share, Shanda Motes brought deviled eggs and tortilla roll-ups, and Melissa Nix brought the best little smokies I’ve ever eaten!!!

There were many other side-dishes and desserts brought by patrons. I was so relieved we had enough food for everyone! Everyone was jolly as the night moved on. All the beverages were sold out by the end of the night.

Thanks goes to all the people that helped make this party a success. I was very overwhelmed going into this experience, but everyone chipped in and helped me very much.

Thanks to Melissa Nix for helping me behind the bar, to Brock Maelzer for taking care of admittance and the score ticket raffles, James Davis and Leroy Pywell for taking care of the game grids, to Trinity Haskins and Ryan Schimdt for hauling the supplies to and from WAD for me, and to those in the Athletic group who brought food.

There were many prizes won at the Super Bowl Party! Here is the list of winners:

1st quarter:$25 Ryan Schmidt
2nd quarter:$25 Ryan Schmidt
3rd quarter:$25 Maddy Starks
4th quarter:$25 Kathy Nix
Halftime:$25 Leroy Pywell
Halftime:$25 Jeremy Rolofson
1st Final:$25 Ron Starks
2nd Final:$25 Leroy Pywell
Final Score:$100 Jolene Nix
Closest Score:$50 David Ferguson with a guess of Colts 27 - Bears 20