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MAAD (2005)

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(Article written by Lisa Wullschleger) 

The MAAD 2005 Tourney took place on July 15th-16th in Omaha, Nebraska.

Congratulations to Andy Stone and Brock Maelzer for winning the Men’s Championship! Their team, M.I.T. (Minnesota Independent Team) was undefeated!

Unfortunately, the WAD Coed team didn’t play as well.  This was the Coed team’s 5th tournament, and we placed 4th out of 6 teams in the Coed division (MinnePaul won the Coed Championship.)  But we didn’t let that bother us - we just wanted to enjoy playing softball and see old friends.  We had 3 new players on  our team - Tiffany Reibenspies, Jenna Johnson, and Lindsay Lorenz.

We played our best in very HOT weather!  We had a few injuries - David Cook pulled a leg muscle in the first game and Tom Navrat’s back was hurting.  But we were luckier than St. Cloud/Minnepaul who had three players who were very sick from the heat - one of them even had to go to the emergency room!

We played three games Friday afternoon - first game was against Omaha (lost), second game against Des Moines (won), third game against MinnePaul (lost).

We were surprised at how hot it was.  The dugouts had no roofs at all.  Our first game, we were in the sun the whole time.  Later that afternoon some people started tying tarps over the top of all the dugouts so all MAAD players would have some shade during the games.

On Saturday morning, we lost our first game to St. Cloud/MinnePaul and ended up in the loser’s bracket. Our second game, we played Des Moines and beat them again.  Unfortunately our third game was against St. Cloud/MinnePaul again!  We lost that game and were done with the tournament.  Most of us stayed to cheer for the M.I.T. team at the Men’s championship game.

Also, that very same day, the water sprinklers went off in two separate fields!  They were on automatic timer and there was nothing we could do but wait for the sprinklers to turn off by themselves.  Some people decided to run onto the fields and cool off!

On Saturday night at the awards ceremony, it was announced that Danny Scott had won two awards - Golden Glove Award and Batting Average Champ award.  Jennifer Navrat, Tom Navrat, and Andy Stone all each won All-Star awards!  Congratulations to them!  Many players were disappointed that Jennifer Nordyke did not win an All- Star award.  She played some great games!

When we weren’t playing softball, many of us would be found at the huge indoor swimming pool at the Holiday Inn.  We had a blast at MAAD and plan to do it again for MAAD 2006 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!