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Christmas Dinner (2005)

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Over 80 people attended the Christmas Dinner on December 10, 2005.

The Christmas Dinner is considered to be the most popular event of the year at WAD.  Many who do not usually come to WAD often show up for the best party of the year.

Deaf Santa came to visit the children at WAD!  He asked all the children what they wanted for Christmas and gave each child a present --  a bag of candy!  He had a few adults sit on his lap as well!

Several people came from Hutchinson including: Mike Flickinger (Newton); Mona and Edward Danhouser; David Barb; Betty Herbison; Ty, Kim and son Tanner Wedel.

Others people that came from out of town were Christina Pyles (El Dorado), Caleb Chappetta (Leon), Larry Schartz (Great Bend) and Mike Hall (Wellington).
Charlotte Strunk from Olathe came to perform a Christmas song for everyone to see.  It was very beautiful!

Also providing entertainment at the Christmas Dinner was Bill Carwile, who performed a mime skit.

After the dinner was ended, some people remained to play poker or to chat a bit longer.  It was a great  day and fun evening for everyone!

Please give a BIG THANK YOU to Dorothy Ruge for all her hard work planning the Christmas dinner. She was a great hostess for the day!