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Board Elections (2005)

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The WAD Board Elections was held on Saturday, November 12, 2005. After the election, some people gathered to play poker. Here is a list of people who were elected at the meeting:

2006 Board of Officers:

Jennifer Nordyke

Vice President
Andy Stone

Janet Esau (later Shane Dundas)

Lisa Wullschleger (later Maddy Starks)

Assistant Treasurer
Jennifer Navrat

Jeremy Rolofson (1-year term), Warren Dale (2-year term)

2006 Committees:

Athletic Director
Tom Navrat

Assistant Athletic Director
Andy Stone

Purchasing Agent
Donnie Otis

Building Supervisor
Jeremy Rolofson

Assistant Building Supervisor
tabled to next board meeting because no volunteers (later Leroy Pywell)

Dorothy Ruge

Memorial Fund
Linda Dale

Newsletter Editors
Lori Lawrence, Jennifer Nordyke, and Patti Ballinger

Flower Fund
Linda Dale

Lucky Night
Carol Martin and Jayne Otis

KAD Representative
Jeremy Rolofson