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Coed Softball

The Wichita Association of the Deaf coed softball team was founded in the summer of 2001 and has been active ever since. The coed softball team plays in the summer league for Wichita Parks & Recreation. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact our Athletic Director. Summer league typically begins in May and ends in August. The coed softball team also participates in the annual Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf (MAAD) softball tournament.

Here is a list of MAAD tournaments that WAD has participated in:

2012 - Shawnee, Kansas (9th place)
No further information available

2011 - St. Louis, Missouri (6th place)
  • Individual Sportmanship: Eric Diaz
  • Team Sportmanship: WAD

2010 - Sioux City, Iowa
No further Information Available

2009 - Olathe, Kansas (4th place)
  • Team Sportmanship: WAD
  • Batting Champion: Frank Davis jr
  • Male All-Star: Frank Davis jr

2008 - Council Bluff, Iowa (4th place)
  • Individual Sportmanship: Brock Maelzer
  • Team Sportmanship: WAD
  • Male All-Star: Brock Maelzer 
  • Female All-Star: Honesty Powell & Mindy Hedrick

2007 - St. Louis, Missouri
No further information available 

2006 - 
No further information available

2005 - Omaha, Nebraska (4th place)
  • Batting Champion: Danny Scott
  • Golden Glove: Danny Scott
  • Male All-Star: Tom Navrat
  • Female All-Star: Jennifer Navrat 

2004 - St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • Team Sportsmanship
  • Male All-Star: Seth Congdon & Billy Gildhouse, Jr.
  • Female All-Star: Jennifer Navrat & Lisa Wullschleger

2003 - Denver, Colorado (2nd place)
  • Manager of Tourney: Lisa Wullschleger Domebo
  • Male MVP: Seth Congdon 
  • RBI Champion: James Davis
  • Golden Glove: Danny Scott
  • Male All-Star: Danny Scott
  • Female All-Star: Kristy McKellar

2002 - Columbia, Missouri
No further information available 

2001 - Wichita, Kansas
No further information available 
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