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History of the Deaf Club in Wichita

1909 - Kansas Association of the Deaf was established in Wichita.  They have no Deaf Club that year but they have annual picnic.
1920 - The Wichita Fraternal Society of the Deaf which was under National Fraternal Society of the Deaf. (NFSD was established in 1906). They went out for meeting and social in a different place.
1935 - Wichita Silent Club was established in 1935 and met after the Fraternal Society meetings for the social. The location was at 328 1/2 N. Main then move to the old IOOF Hall on 930 1/2 West Douglas in about 1942. They changed the name to Wichita Club of the Deaf(WCD) in 1941 until 1959. The first one found Deaf Club. 

1948 - In othe the organization establised as "High Hatters Club" in 1948. The name was changed to "Wichita Athletic Club for the Deaf" (WACD) in 1949 until 1959. That purpose for most of its activites to athletics for young deaf adults. Those were due to the small membership and hold meetings at members home on rotation basis, field and sponsor teams of the deaf persons in basketball and bowling. When the membership outgrew "home meetings", the meetings and activites were held wherever a low-rent meeting place could be obtained, i.e. church, labor union building, public hall, etc.

1955 - Wichita Club of the Deaf and Wichita Athletic Club of the Deaf both agreed to merged for trail in several years at old IOOF Hall. The temporary new name was "Wichita Association of the Deaf".

1960 - The name Wichita Association of the Deaf (WAD) was adopted.

1971 - WAD has lost the rent at old IOOF Hall. They had been rent several places from 1971 to 1981.
          Moved to: 1. St. Anthony School on 300 N. Ohio Ave. 1971-1973
                          2. Carpenter's Union Hall on 122 1/2 N. St Francis. 1974-1975
                          3. Labor Temple Union Building on 416 E. English. 1975-1978
                          4. KETCH on 1006 E. Waterman. 1979-1980
                          5. Deaf and Hard Hearing Counseling Service on 1646 E. Central 1980-1981

1981 - Mr. Brooker, the owner of the building on 1646 E. Central, decided to sell to WAD due to his age. WAD bought it.
1981 - Federal non-profit status was applied for and achieved.

1982 - WAD purchased the building and rented part of it to DHHCS. DHHCS moved out in the mid-80s and WAD has been there ever since.
1987 – WAD newsletter was started again and named “The Deaf Wichitan”.

1987 - At the KAD convention in August, KAD agreed to lend $20,000 to WAD to refinance the mortgage.

1989 - The new kitchen and office was completed. The kitchen remodel was paid for by Mid- America Deaf Bowler Association.
1995 - WAD building was paid off.
2006 - WAD underwent a renovation-interior painted, windows replaced, new carpet in playroom and office, game room was expanded, office was moved to old storage room, and pool table added.
2009 - WAD logo and address signs added to exterior building. WAD hosted the 100th anniversary of Kansas Association of the Deaf conference.
2010 - WAD building exterior painted.